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Author Interview with Shondra M. Quarles

Hi Shondra, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?
Hello Latoya, my name is Shondra M. Quarles, aka Eye Heart Teaching.  I was born in New Mexico and currently live in Texas.  I am an Early Childhood teacher with over 20 years experience working with young children.  I am also an author of children’s books.  I am just getting my feet wet in regards to writing and self-publishing.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?
My ambitions for my writing career are to become a best-selling author and to sell a million copies of one of my books in my lifetime.

Which writers inspire you?
I am actually inspired by many of the children’s books I have read to the children I teach.  Dr. Seuss (as controversial as he may be) is one of my inspirations.  I love the rhyming style and the use of nonsense words.  His books are really fun and I want to write fun books.

What are you working on at the minute?
I am currently working on a children’s book about Black Lives Matter.  It is actually a poem that I wrote so it should be interesting and relative.  I am very excited about the project.

What genre are your books and why?
I write children’s books because I love teaching children and reading is important to their success in life.

In 10 words or less can you create a quote that describes you and your writing?
If I could create a quote that would describe me and my writing it would be “I’m an introvert whose thoughts become pictures in readers minds.”

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?
If I could choose an actress to play the main character in  my book The Teacher Who Didn’t Want to go to School, I would choose Halle Berry. She is very dramatic and would bring Ms. Confetti to life.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I was actually inspired to become a writer by my kindergarten students in 2014.

Do you write full-time or part-time?
I write part-time. Teaching takes up a lot of my free time.  It is a very demanding career.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
I write when I feel inspired.  I can’t just sit down and write a story.  I have to feel connected to an idea and then my story begins to unfold.

Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?
No, I don’t aim for a set number of words/pages in a day because I write really short stories and poetry.  I could write an entire story in a day if I have inspired thought. Or, it could take longer depending on how focused I am.

Where do your ideas come from?
Some of my ideas come from my life or real life events.  I have even dreamed ideas and created stories based on dreams…which is pretty interesting.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?
I just go wherever my ideas take me.

How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?
I have always been a creative person.  However, I feel that my creativity has evolved since I began writing.  The more I write, the more I think outside of the box. But, not all of my writings are actual books as of yet.

What is the hardest thing about writing?
The hardest thing about writing is finding the time to write while working a full time job.  I have written many late nights and it can be exhausting.

What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
I am working on a project and the hardest thing about writing this book is bringing all of the pieces together.  Some writers have to hire illustrators, etc. I have to find the best person for the task, and be able to pay that individual for their talents.  Writers invest a lot of resources in their projects.  These resources include time and money. It is hard to write books on a budget.

What is the easiest thing about writing?
The easiest thing about writing for me is that once I have an idea my writing just flows.  I am so engaged and happy when I find my flow.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?
The time it takes me to write a book depends on my flow.  I can write a short story in day or it can take weeks or even months.

Where can you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
In 5 years I see myself as a successful best-selling author who is financially independent.  

What advice would you give to your younger self?
The advice I would give my younger self first is to slow down and enjoy life including family.  Also, don’t let other people dictate your self-worth.  You are worthy of living your best life and you don’t need others to validate you.  Lastly, don’t chase after people, chase after dreams….

Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?
I would love to meet Oprah and just pick her brain.  She came from humble beginnings and now she is a billionaire.

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?
If I could have been the author of an original book it would be ( I don’t know…there are so many great stories out there.  But, none of them are my story so I can honestly say ….I don’t know.)

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
The advice I would give to aspiring writers is keep writing! That is all.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Book Spotlight: The Make-Believe Wives by Darliss Batchelor

Meet Darliss Batchelor

Darliss Batchelor is a wife, mother and grandmother. I am a former Computer Lead Analyst/Programmer with a degree in Computer Science. I have authored four books so far: Secrets, Hell is a Skyscraper: A Trio of Novelettes, Something Else to Want and my most recent release, The Make-Believe Wives. Additionally, I help authors bring their book publishing dreams to reality through my publishing business Word in Due Season Publishing, LLC.

What I like to read/write: My reading preferences are simple. I love fiction. There are numerous authors I love but some my favorites are: Victoria Christopher-Murray, ReShonda Tate-Billingsley, Frank Peretti, Melinda Michelle, Chicki Brown, Terri Blackstock, Angela Hunt and Terry McMillan. Two of my favorite books are Temptation and The Deal, The Dance and The Devil. Temptation was the first faith-based book I ever read. The Deal, The Dance and The Devil is a book I wish I had written. It was awesome on too many levels to describe.

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               Amazon Author Page:

The Make-Believe Wives
Chapter 1 Excerpt:

Janay slammed the glass into the bottom of the sink and watched it break into a million pieces. She chased it with two plates and a bowl that were within reach. No need to worry about washing those. Frightened by the noise, her baby girl screamed and she joined her. Unlike Naomi, Janay’s scream was from sheer frustration. She pulled herself together and went to gather her daughter from the adjoining family room. Naomi raised her arms as her mother approached and Janay picked her up. Once comforted, the toddler wiggled to get back to her playtime. Janay returned her to the center of the toys she had spread out over the family room floor and exhaled.
Her husband, Evan, had taken Nahla and Nia out for a daddy-daughter day. Naomi was too young for today’s activity. Janay returned to the kitchen and stared at the glass and ceramic gumbo in the sink. She picked up a few of the larger pieces of glass and sat them on the granite countertop, mentally adding resealing it to her already overloaded to-do list. She remembered literally vibrating with excitement when they bought this stone. Now, it brought tears.

Janay went to the bathroom to wash her face, hoping it would make her feel better. She pulled the plush fire engine red face towel from the bar and ran cold water over it. Looking in the mirror, she noticed the frustration etched in her face and the tent city that had formed below her eyes. These had become her constant companions. She patted the area with the cold towel and went back to the family room to check on Naomi. Her routine had gotten old.

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Release Day Blitz of I Used To Cry: The Essence of Essence by E. N. Hardy

Vaneka’s VIP Literary Services is pleased to announce the Release Day Blitz of I Used To Cry: The Essence of Essence by E. N. Hardy.

Genre African American Fiction, Urban Fiction, Coming of Age
Publisher Hard Pen Publications
Publication Date July 1, 2017
ISBN Hardcover 9780998775418
ISBN Paperback 9780998775401
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Based on true events, I Used To Cry: The Essence of Essence, is an epic coming of age novel that captivates the reader from beginning to end. An emotional tale chronicling the life of Essence, a young girl from the streets of Inkster, Michigan. She had it all. A good home, loving family and friends, beauty, and brains. When a traumatic turn of events changes her life forever, Essence is left emotionally crippled with a jaded perception of self, life, and love. For years her life is in shambles. She finds herself on a path of destruction fueled by pain, struggling to pick up the pieces. All she wants is to be loved, and accepted for who she is, but not even she knows the true answer to that question. Will she ever find what she's looking for? Take this journey with Essence as she discovers the true essence of herself.
Author E. N. Hardy
Author E. N. Hardy was born and raised in Inkster, Michigan. Writing became a passion for her at a very young age, as an outlet, and as a means to deal with trying circumstances. She loves to write poetry, erotica, and in her own words "emotional fiction." The only thing that matters to her is the way you "feel" after reading her work. She enjoys a career in healthcare education, and does lots of reading in her spare time. Her all-time favorite author is V. C. Andrews, with Frank McCourt being a very close second. In 2012 she began working on her debut novel, I Used To Cry: The Essence of Essence. She currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with her husband and four children.
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Monday, June 26, 2017

Book Tour: Until Ray by Cheryl Robinson

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Until Ray Virtual Book Tour, with author Cheryl Robinson
Dates: June 19- July 14, 2017. 
Releasing "free" June 27 at select ebook retailers. 
Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary

About The Author

Cheryl currently resides in the Sunshine State with plans to return to her hometown Detroit shortly. For the past fifteen years, she has been busy writing contemporary women’s fiction. While writing is her first love, making delicious green smoothies is easily her second. She also enjoys spoiling her miniature Schnauzer and whipping up healthy meals from recipes she finds online.

About The Book

Two people in the same city but worlds apart. Until Ray is an unconventional love story of how two young people transitioning into adulthood find each other and develop a bond that will be tested through three decades. RAY IS LOST … He lives in northwest Detroit with his mother. When he’s not at home, he’s either at the mall selling women’s shoes or in the club. In both places, he's focused on one thing—picking up women. Only now he’s ready to make a change but isn’t sure how to do it. THEN SARITA ARRIVES … At twenty-four, she has an MBA, is a CPA, and works in upper-level management at GM. But all that success comes at a cost: she’s lonely and craves the one thing she’s never had—attention from men. Dive into a love story filled with soul-searching drama told from two very different perspectives. Until Ray, the first book of a trilogy, is set in the mid-eighties in Detroit, where the author was born and raised.
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Book Spotlight: Emotions of the Tazz-Manian Devil by Tazz

Lisa D. Williams a.k.a Tazz was born February 17 in East Meadow NY. Raised in Roosevelt Long Island NY she is the youngest of 4 kids. Writing in my early teens as a hobby, life threw her a curb ball and she stopped writing for 14 years. Finding her passion again for writing, she started back writing again in August 2016. Being able to put her feelings on paper and a special someone seeing something in her; she chose to pursue her hand in writing. Continuing to write, her goal is to progress in her writing. Where she plans to go from here, is to continue to write and let her inner me be heard. Whenever she feels down and out and ready to give up, she remembers Philippians 4:19; I can do all things, through Christ which strengthens me. Determined to be someone great, she continues to press until she reaches her highest peak. She presents to you: Emotions of the Tazz-Manian Devil.
Tazz loves to read Elan Harris, Maya Angelou, and Terry woods; just to name a few.  These authors continue to inspire her to express her inner emotions.  She loves to read for relaxation.  Growing up, all she could think about was being a writer, so she could one day inspire others with her word play.  Although writing allows her to relieve her emotions, she will not stop encouraging others to step outside their comfort zone.

I’m So Addicted To You
I’m so addicted to you
These feelings…I’ve never been through
I’ve never touched…seen…felt…made love…or even kissed you
Your mental conversation…has me addicted
The way you make me feel inside…it’s a feeling…I can’t hide
Your love captivates me…has me on cloud 9
Asking me over and over again…why I can’t let you go…can’t we just be friends
To be honest…without you in my life…it’s like having no air to breathe…I would rather die
I’m not talking about a physical death…but the death of my heart
Every time I hear you name or think of you…it still beats the same
I know God will give you everything you pray for
It’s just so hard to prove to you…God made no mistakes…when he created you
Creating you just for me…with no regrets
So you ask…is what I feel for you real
Yes…it is
He has opened my eyes to see…what is for me…won’t come easily
And that’s why I will continue to show you day by day…I’m yours…and I’m here to stay
These are the many reasons…I’m so addicted to you

Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Spotlight:The Allurement of Apollo by Apollo The Dreamer

Robert C. Sua a.k.a. Apollo The Dreamer is a poet, author, performer, and urban clothes designer. Performing in various venues in his home state of North Carolina, he continues to venture out as he takes his writing and apparel on the road with him.  He is the author of Apollo’s Abyss, The Allurement of Apollo, and now releasing his third book Summer Nights.  He plans on continuously adding to his Allurement Collection.  When he is not with his family, friends, writing, or working on new ideas for his brand, he travels the country; gaining new inspiration, from life experiences.  No matter what he goes through in life, he will continue to find ways to incorporate lessons into his life.
The things Apollo enjoys reading is nothing similar to his writing.  He enjoys articles relating to politics, social issues, and spiritual awareness.  He also enjoys African history and stories of Kings.  He’s a conspiracy theorist; so most of his time reading is spent finding fact or fiction about world events.  Apollo writes to self-express, and reflect on himself.  Although he’s not perfect, his writing gives him a chance to get a glance at the man in the mirror.  Having the ability to transpose his thoughts and ideas into poems, allow his readers to compare and contrast; giving his readers a different spin to a situation, and taking words, as he puts them in motion.  For Apollo, reading is fundamental.  
What happens when your patience turns into frustration...from that frustration grows anger... unsettled anger…you begin to feel the rage...starting to feel your dreams have been caged…the goals you set for yourself…seem too far way to be obtained…all the things you told yourself…you try to obtain…telling yourself…you will try to find better ways…when all you want are results…but things are no longer in your hands…but things are no longer in your hands…the idea of starting over again…when you don’t have much to your name…liquor no longer affects your liver…the taste of beer is no longer bitter…you question if revenge would be a lil sweeter…am I wrong to allow these thoughts to linger…everyone around me is moving along…and life seems to continue…all you’re left with are views of the things you desire…as you stare out this window…quiets nights praying to God…telling yourself…all you have to do is…continue to push through…constantly rubbing these dimes and nickels…questioning yourself…what more can you do…encouraging words…no longer seem to seep through…knowing you’re only human…knowing the difference between right and wrong…but the lines get blurred…you feel they need to feel you…an eye for an eye…we’re losing our sight…due to your lack of awareness…you don’t know how you've changed my life…never been here before…forced to see things in the darkest of nights…standing alone under the moon…there were no stars…only the moonlight…a few dreams I’ve never dreamt…ensuring you…they’ve caused fright…moments left to decipher…exactly what they’ve meant…posed questions with no answers…left with thoughts like these.