Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday: Self-Publishing Tips for Writers

Self-publishing is defined as books or writings that are published by oneself or with one's own money. Here are three ways that indie authors can improve self-publishing, with the aim of keeping readers happy and thus creating sales.
  1. Editing: When editing your book it is important to read your manuscript several times after you complete the first draft. Connect with other beta readers or professional editors who will remain critical and unbiased bout your work.
  2. Book covers: Your book cover is the first things your readers will notice when they pick up your book. Your cover should paint a picture of what they will find as they turn the pages of your book.
  3. Book blurbs: Book blurbs should be very descriptive ad use words that will draw the reader into the story. Be careful not to reveal too much information about your book.  Your book blurb should arouse the readers curiosity and appeal to their self-interest.

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