Sunday, March 22, 2015

Poetic Expressions Excerpt: Grandma

Grandma I want you back sound and mind.
I wish there was a key I could find so that
I would be able to see you one last time.
My love for you will never die. I will hold
Your sparkle in my eye. I know that you
 Are with the ones you love who welcomed you
 With open arms above. All the hurt and you
Felt is forever gone. I will miss you as you
Dry ours eyes, watching and loving us from
Your home in the sky. The cool breeze on our
 Face is like a touch of lite rain reminding
Us that we will be together again, and that life
On earth is but one brief moment, and it is
Up to use to love, live and own it. Grandma we
Love and miss you and your memory
Will forever sing in our hearts.

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