Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Author Interview - Imani Wisdom

Today I have the honor of interviewing the amazing Author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur Imani Wisdom. She has a beautiful spirit and I hope you'll enjoy learning about her and her book!!

LaToya: When did you begin your writing career?
Imani: I began my writing career at the tender age of eight. I had an active imagination, but didn’t quite understand how to transfer my imaginative prowess to paper. Years later, I dabbled into short stories and poetry, but it wasn’t until my late thirties I took writing seriously. Hence, I began a three-day journey of writing Zion’s Road. And the rest is history.

LaToya: What’s your inspiration for writing?
Imani: As long as it’s living and breathing, it’s inspiration. Society is a perfect example. It’s a melting pot for the development of characters and plots. Most of my stories are based from hard issues; such as, sexual abuse and domestic violence, mental illness, and racism. These controversial topics have endless opportunities. 

LaToya: What kind of legacy do you expect your writing to leave?
Imani: I want my legacy to be remembered as the writer who writes beyond “stepping-out-of-the-box” but rather sees no boxes. Limitations on any craft hurt the creative process. And I want that to come through my writing, conveying the fearlessness of an honest perception of reality.

LaToya: What are you currently working on?
Imani: I’m currently working on several projects, including a new manuscript from the Zion’s Road series. I can’t say too much on the storyline, but I will say the main character is full of surprises. He transforms from a life of hustling and running the streets to opening the hearts and minds of hurt souls. Also, one of the characters is screaming at me to write their story. And this person is the epitome of “monster are not born, they’re made”.

LaToya: Name one book that you would categorize as a life changing read.
Imani: The Color Purple because Alice Walker had proven strong women could evolve from any background and at any time.

LaToya: Tell us about your latest book.
Imani: Zion’s Road: A Love Story about Love and Redemption tells about a former Klansman, Harold Smith’s unique encounter with a strange boy, as the two delve in his past to discover many hidden truths and a sixty-five year old secret he’d kept in his heart. Now, though, it’s a fifty page novelette, this suspenseful love story packs a punch with a surprise ending.

LaToya: Name a book you wish you’d written.
Imani: Honestly, I never looked at anyone’s creative works and wished I’d written it. I respect the author’s hard work and imaginative skill to be inspired, but never wished for their work to be mine.

LaToya: Give readers 3 reasons to buy your book.
Imani: The character is the perfect, non-perfect character of hope and transformation, something as we, humans, live with everyday. Also, we asked ourselves the question about where racism comes from. Harold Smith’s point-of view could shed some light on the subject. And finally, it’s a love story – a good old-fashioned love story with differing families. So, when a person or a group of people keep you from the one you love, what would you do?

LaToya: Who is your favorite author?
Imani: I have many, but Alice Walker is favorite author because her book, The Color Purple transformed my life.

LaToya: Is your book based on real life events?
Imani: Of course, racism is alive and well and Charleston, South Carolina only proves it. It’s sad we have to still endure the same society ills as our forefathers and mothers; it shouldn’t be way. Generational struggles are supposed to get better, not worse.

LaToya: Will you consider being a mentor to a young up and coming author?
Imani: Absolutely! I’m already mentoring up and coming authors, which is truly an honor. Their interest in the industry keeps me motivated with my dream.

LaToya: Are you currently working on anything you want to share with us?
Imani: Besides what I’d mentioned above with the Zion’s Road series, I’m also the host of the Urban Ebook Fair and Twitter Affair. Both gives light to new and seasoned authors alike. The road to our dreams should be a collective effort, because success is not driven alone.

LaToya: How can readers connect with you: (Please include social media, website link, and link to your amazon author age, etc.
Imani: I love hearing from readers! Connect with me via any of the channels below.

LaToya: What advice would you give to an inspiring authors?
Imani: Research, research, research!!!! You will have many authors advising you on how to be a better writer, publisher, or marketer. But the number one person you should rely on is YOU! Listen to your instinct, because nine times out of ten is never wrong. 


  1. Thank you for the opportunity, LaToya! Awesome queations.

    1. You are most welcome. Looking forward to having you again at Creative Expressions

  2. "The road to our dreams should be a collective effort, because success is not driven alone." I love this quote! Great interview ladies. :)