Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Spotlight ~Love Never Felt So Good by Barbara Joe Williams

Book Blurb

Mack and Natalie Burney have been married for seven years. Mack suspects that Natalie is cheating on him with a younger man, who happens to be her boss. When Mack hires a friend to go undercover, what will he discover about Natalie and himself?


“My wife is cheating on me,” Mack Burney stated, shoving photographs across his wooden desk. His heart was about to explode from the tension in the room. Mack leaned back in his leather seat as he eyed the handicapped friend he’d hired to spy on his wife, Natalie.

“Well, it definitely looks that way,” Bobby Jackson replied. He shifted in his wheelchair like maybe he was a little uncomfortable with the situation. Bobby was paralyzed from the waist down, but it didn’t prevent him from getting around town in his specially-equipped van. Playing detective for his friend had given Bobby a real reason to get out of his house and enjoy some different scenery.

“I’ve been following her all over Tallahassee for over a month now. She’s been to the lingerie stores, the adult toy store downtown, and disappeared into an apartment complex for several hours while you were out of town this weekend.”

“You mean this past Saturday! She told me she was going to a birthday party with a friend. Now I find out she’s creeping with some young looking dude. I just can’t believe my Natalie would do something like this to me. Not after seven years of marriage. I just can’t accept this!”

“If it’s been seven years, maybe she’s got that itch. You know, you’re not as young as you used to be, my friend.” Bobby snickered.

“Oh, so you think this is funny? We’ve been friends for how long now?” Mack stood up and sneered down at his seated friend. He made a fist and said, “Don’t think I won’t knock you out of that wheelchair.” Every blood vessel in his dark-skinned faced seemed about to pop.

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Barbara Joe Williams is an Amazon bestselling author, indie publisher, and motivational speaker living in Tallahassee, Florida. She is a Navy veteran, a graduate of Tallahassee Community College, and Florida A & M University. Barbara is also the founder of Amani Publishing, LLC (2004), and the co-founder of the Tallahassee Authors Network since September 2008.

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