Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Author Interview with Author C Lynette

Today I have the honor of interviewing a great Romance Author Ms. C Lynette.

LaToya:  When did you begin your writing career?
C. Lynette: My writing career officially began when I started college. I went to MSU and graduated with a BA in Journalism. I have 17 articles, 2 op-eds and one magazine feature piece published. I started writing books in 2014 after encouragement from a few author friends.

LaToya: What’s your inspiration for writing?
C. Lynette: My inspiration is my need to make a name for myself. Quite often I’ve felt that I didn’t fit in to any one particular group. Writing is a way for me to be in a “clique” with an assortment of people.

LaToya: What kind of legacy do you expect your writing to leave?
C. Lynette: I expect my legacy to be that girl who “started from the bottom now I’m here.” I want to be able to write different genres and people to not associate me with just one type of book. I want someone to be able to look back and say, she really shocked the world.

LaToya: What are you currently working on?
C. Lynette: Ebony Articles: Volume 2 (erotic romance), What You Got Me (street lit) and an untitled horror/thriller.

LaToya: Name one book that you would categorize as a life changing read.
C. Lynette: She’s Come Undone. A family friend gave it to me while I was going through a particularly hard time socially at the age of 15. And ever since then, I’ve hit the ground running.

LaToya: Tell us about your latest book.
C. Lynette: It’s sexy, it’s short but it’s not your typical erotic book. The language isn’t to make anyone uncomfortable, but sex is an everyday part of life. It is a journal, of sorts, about the sexual adventures or misadventures of real-life women.

LaToya: Name a book you wish you’d written.
C. Lynette: I wish I had written any or all of the Harry Potter books. Apparently JK Rowling is sitting on a pretty nice fortune.

LaToya: Give readers 3 reasons to buy your book.
C. Lynette: It’s different from your normal erotic romance novels. The stories are very relatable and since I was giving most of the stories directly from the sources (yes I did mini interviews for this) I believe it gives the reader more. Because it’s only 99 cents

LaToya: Is your book based on real life events?
C. Lynette: Yes it is. I can only confirm that everything in this book has happened based on what was relayed to me and/or what I’ve personally observed.

LaToya: Will you consider being a mentor to a young up and coming author?
C. Lynette: I’d love to! Of course, I’m still a young up and coming author myself.

LaToya: Are you currently working on anything you want to share with us?
C. Lynette: This is my current WIP from my untitled horror/thriller piece (unedited and raw)
It was a clear, warm and sunny day outside. People were walking the streets of Detroit, enjoying friends and conversations that flowed with the breeze.
In the near distance the blaring of sirens were heard as fire engines and ambulances rushed from where they were docked to the Renaissance building downtown. Passersby began to gather and mumble about what was going on. What was all the distraction about? There shouldn’t have been any fuss.
Suddenly, everyone looked up and as a man tossed himself out of a 42nd floor window. As his body fell with gravity, his arms didn’t flail, he hardly made a sound. He almost appeared lifeless. But it was clear he was not. A police officer was motioning everyone to stay behind him.
He continued to fall gracefully, as if he hadn’t a care in the world. Then he suddenly turned to face the street. The people turned their backs, not wanting to see the impact of his body hitting the street, or the amount of brain matter and blood splattered everywhere.

LaToya: How can readers connect with you: (Please include social media, website link, and link to your amazon author page, etc.)

C. Lynette: I love hearing from readers! Connect with me via any of the channels below.

Twitter:          www.twitter.com/cgotti22
Facebooks:     http://facebook.com/burkscry
Websites:        http://burkscry.wix.com/clynette
Email:             writerclynette@gmail.com

LaToya: What advice would you give to an inspiring authors?

C. Lynette: Deadlines and procrastination do not mix. If you are a self-publishing author, please follow the deadlines you set for yourself or you’ll discover you’re behind the curve and struggling to catch up!

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