Thursday, July 9, 2015

Author Interview with Tre L. Bryant

Today I have the honor of interviewing new Author Tre L. Bryant 

" To know my journey is to understand my struggle"

LaToya: When did you begin your writing career?
Bryant: I am a newbie and my literary journey began just a little over a year ago.

LaToya: What’s your inspiration for writing?
Bryant: My life and the continued journey I have been on to become the person that I am now.

LaToya: What kind of legacy do you expect your writing to leave?
Bryant: One of great strength, determination and hard work.

LaToya: What are you currently working on?
Bryant: Right now promoting and enjoying the release of my debut novel but also thinking of ideas for the second book. I am also currently co-hosting Word Sexy radio with another author by the name of Red Snapper.

LaToya: Name one book that you would categorize as a life changing read.
Bryant: There are several and honestly there are too many to name.

LaToya: Tell us about your latest book.
Bryant: Where There’s A Will There’s A Way is about my own personal experiences with molestation, rape, and as a domestic violence victim now turned survivor. I write about my highs and my lows but most of all the strength to take my life back and move forward away from the things that haunted me in my past.

LaToya: Name a book you wish you’d written.
Bryant: Forgiveness and Acts of Faith both by Iyanla Vanzant

LaToya: Give readers 3 reasons to buy your book.
Bryant: For one because everyone wants to read about real life whether it is good or bad,  two Domestic violence is real and I speak of my personal experience with it and so many people experience it and are afraid to talk about it. And three there is a wonderful outcome after all the heartache and misery. The book is a roller coaster full of ups and downs but over all a great read and everyone can relate.

LaToya: Who is your favorite author?
Bryant: Iyanla Vanzant

LaToya: Is your book based on real life events?
Bryant: Absolutely!

LaToya: Will you consider being a mentor to a young up and coming author?
Bryant: I would love to if given the opportunity to do so.

LaToya: Are you currently working on anything you want to share with us?
Bryant: I am working on  launching my own professional makeup artistry business, personal styling business, a possible reality show, and of course another book just to name a few.

LaToya: How can readers connect with you: (Please include social media, website link, and link to your amazon author age, etc.
Bryant: I can be contacted at:


LaToya: What advice would you give to an inspiring authors?

Bryant: Don’t be afraid and follow your dreams because hard work pays off and you have a voice in this world.

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