Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Spotlight: Where Theres’s a Will There’s A Way by Tre L. Bryant

Book Excerpt:

He had resurfaced acting far worse than he did in the beginning and was making my life hell once again. Our sex life was never the greatest, and it eventually became a gruesome task. He would often make references to my experience with the other guy and asked what I did with him that I didn’t do with him. This was a sick twisted game to him and he enjoyed making me uncomfortable. He got mad quite often, because I refused to answer his questions. I never once mentioned this little random chick he slept with and never even asked if he still kept in contact with her. Moving forward was supposed be the focus so he said but it was all a lie and there was never any sincerity in it.

It was very clear he would never let this go and within the first year of trying I didn’t even care anymore. I began to develop a tolerance to his bullshit and often would try not to fall into his trap that would cause me to breakdown to his level of stupidity. Even though this was even harder than before I tried to stay optimistic constantly telling myself that hopefully things would change and that our lives would change for the better someday soon. I tried to believe in him when he didn’t believe in himself but what he failed to realized is I didn’t believe in him or even us anymore. Our lives should have been inclining and not declining and we were supposed to come out of this and have a testimony, so I hoped.

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Short Author Bio:

As star on the rise making her mark on the world, Tre’ L. Bryant is ready to shine. Tre’ is a first time author signed under New Breed Publishing, LLC. She has worked personally under her mentor / publishing company owner Lakia Nichole. Her literary journey has become a dream come true since her recent debut release “Where There’s A Will, There’s a Way” in 2015. The book is inspired by her experiences as a domestic violence victim and focuses on her abusive relationship that expanded over twenty years. She has beaten Domestic Violence and now does her part to give back as a survivor to help others. She shares her personal struggles, fears and accomplishments as she takes back control of her life.

Outside of the new release Tre’ is a devoted mom of two young adult children, a makeup artist, personal stylist, model,  and head creative director for an upcoming men’s grooming line, all while still being just the girl next door. She has also made her introduction into the world of internet radio as a regular weekly co-host with Red Snapper on Word Sexy Radio. She is determined to be in pursuit of all her dreams and has decided that   her literary journey will continue, as she plans to write another inspirational book.

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