Friday, September 18, 2015

Book Spotlight: Ain’t No Thug Like The One I Got by Fatima Munroe

“Sis we should move here! Look at these palm trees! I’ve never seen water so blue!” Kendall yelled as she and her sister strolled lazily down the sandy beach in Miami. “I’m sure you can move your job here, right? You’re self-employed, and with your job you can work anywhere!”
Chyvonne was preoccupied with thoughts of Brick. “Yea. Sure Kendall. I’ll find a realtor tomorrow,” she replied flatly.
Kendall stopped and watched her sister as Chyvonne continued to walk. “Chyvonne!” No answer. “Chyvonne! Do you hear me!”
Realizing she was walking by herself, Chyvonne stopped. “Kendall? Kendall where are...oh, my bad. Why you stop? You ok?”
“I’m fine. The question is what’s wrong with you? You seem to be distracted. Am I boring you?”
“No sis. Just worried about this mess back home. I haven’t heard anything from Danny in a while,” Chyvonne lied. She checked her phone for the third time in five minutes. Nothing yet. Sighing she turned her attention to Kendall. “I’m sorry sis. We came down here to relax, and I’m just as stressed as ever. Let’s go shopping. Maybe I’ll feel better then.”
Kendall ran down the beach and into the water. “We can shop anytime. This is Miami! Let’s go swimming!”
Chyvonne sighed. She was tired from her late night and early morning. “Let’s go change into our suits first, then we’ll go swimming.” As she watched Kendall splash in the water, she got a text from Brick:
            12:00 p.m. Mr. Biggs: Bn thinkin bout u all day
            12:01 p.m. Vonn: I knw. Me 2
            12:05 p.m. Mr. Biggs: I shldv cme w/u
            12:07 p.m. Vonn: Yea, we shldv came 2gethr
            12:09 p.m. Mr. Biggs: I kno wat we can do 2gethr
            12:15 p.m. Vonn: Wats tht?
            12:17 p.m. Mr. Biggs: Imma cum show u

Chyvonne blushed, suddenly engrossed in her phone as she and Brick’s conversation quickly turned from harmless flirting to dirty texting. Kendall snuck up behind her and snatched her phone from her hand. “You all in this phone though!” She scrolled through the texts and was disgusted. “Who is this Mr. Biggs? He nasty!” she laughed, turning up her nose and handing Chyvonne back her phone. “Girl nobody. Just another dude trying to get in my panties.” “Trying? I can’t tell. From those texts, somebody would think that y’all been happily married for the past three years!” Kendall laughed as they walked back to their villa on the beach.
Back at the villa, Kendall hurried and changed while Chyvonne stretched out across her bed, exhausted. “I thought we were going swimming?” she whined. “You go ahead sis. I’m still tired from yesterday.” Chyvonne muttered, tucking her head into a pillow. She was asleep before Kendall walked out the door.
Kendall was halfway to the beach, then stopped and headed back to the villa. She’d forgot to lock the door. Hope ain’t nobody walked in and stole my sister before I get back. Let me grab the key too while I’m in here, just in case she’s still asleep when I come back. Tiptoeing into Chyvonne’s room, she heard moaning. “Mmmm. Right there. Don’t do me like that, Bri…”
“Chyvonne! Girl wake up! I don’t wanna hear about you and your exploits!” Kendall yelled. Chyvonne turned to her side, still asleep. “Ooooh, yeah. Like that. Biggs you gonna make me…AHHHH!” Chyvonne screamed, waking herself up in the process. “Where…oh, damn. Hey Kendall. You ready?”
“You and Mr. Biggs should be here together, not me!” Kendall scolded.
“What are you talking about?” Chyvonne asked, worried that Kendall had gone through her phone while she was asleep.
“You screaming that man’s name while you sleep. You should call him and tell him to come down here and party with us.”
Chyvonne stopped listening after Kendall said she was screaming his name. Apparently she wasn’t screaming Brick or Levonne, if she was Kendall might not be as calm as she was. “Girl, I told you my clients like the privacy I provide. What I look like inviting that man down here to party with us? That’ll be the scandal that rocks Minnesota!” she laughed nervously.
“Well, y’all need to do something. I’m not gonna spend my weekend listening to you talk in your sleep about your exploits,” Kendall laughed with her.
“Girl you crazy. I’m good now that I got that little nap in. Let’s hit the beach.”

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Author Bio:

Always with her head in a book as a child, Fatima dreamed of growing up and one day becoming a published writer. That dream was temporarily derailed in her teenage years as she pursued a career in retail to pay for college. Longing to one day return to her first love of writing and deciding to take a step out on faith, Fatima resigned her career and went back to her roots.

After sending her manuscript out to various boutique publishing houses and receiving a positive response, she ultimately signed with Urban Chapters Publications in March of 2015. Author of four books, the Chi Town’s Queen Series (1, 2 and 3) and Ain’t No Thug Like The One I Got, Fatima also contributed her literary skill to the anthology Love, Betrayal and Dirty Money.
An author in the urban fiction genre with a focus on “street lit”, Fatima enjoys reading, museums, spending time with family, travelling and helping those less fortunate through non-traditional methods.

Readers can contact me via social media:
Facebook: Author Fatima Munroe
Goodreads: Fatima Munroe
Google Plus: Freida Kelley


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