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Book Spotlight: Design of a Woman: Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul


Design of a Woman: Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul is a collection of poems and writings detailing the joys and pains of the shared experience of womanhood. It touches on embracing and loving the woman you are. It also touches on the pain of abuse, suicide, depression and various other life experiences. It gives hope to those who feel lost and alone.  Below are writings from each author.

The Pursuit of True Love
By Lisa
I think about you and I blush
I look at you and my eyes light up
I hear your voice and I get chills
I feel your touch and I melt
I inhale your fragrance and I get weak
I taste you and I get excited
You’re the one thing in my life that’s completely right
You interrupt my thoughts throughout the day
And I smile just knowing you are mine
You’re my constant in a world full of variables
I never get tired of waking up to your face
I look forward to falling asleep in your arms
I don’t remember life before you
And I can’t imagine life without you
That’s why my heart will never give up pursuing you, true love

What is Love?
By Amanda
Love is a feeling I long to express,
To give unconditionally without regrets.
Love is sharing, love is me, love is giving unselfishly.
What is love when it’s not pure & genuine?
It’s me loving you when I don’t feel it in my heart.
I can’t live a life of lies.
My love is gone,
My heart valves and chambers fill & pump blood,
But no emotion of love for the man with whom I vowed to be one.
What is love?
Is it me wanting to love & you loving me?
Or is it us wanting to love self,
So we can learn to love others
In spite of how we feel?
I love me too much to deal with this hurt & pain
So I’ll start by healing myself
And give my love to the one who’s always loved me.
Let me be me, a woman of love
So my light can shine for others to see.
What is love?
Love is me when I’m set free,
Free in my heart, mind, body & spirit.
I am love.
I want to love and be loved.

Love Letter
By LaTerra
Dear Heart,
If only you could look upon yourself
And see the reflection of God in you
Instead of the scowl that has become permanently affixed upon your face.
Maybe you would know that the walls you’ve built have become your prison
Allowing you to only see darkness.
You have dimmed the light that lives within
Allowing no life to flourish.
You’ve allowed your talents to lay dormant,
Hidden the purpose that you were born to fulfill
In order to fit in with those undeserving of your time.
Settling for a semblance of friendship,
You have carried travelers on your journey that should have been left at the start.
You’ve convinced yourself that you are unworthy of love.
Letting others tear you down,
You’ve accepted broken pieces of broken people
Thinking they will complete your puzzle
Not realizing that which is forced to fit won’t last
Nor understanding that no one else can make you whole.
You were made bold for a reason,
Embrace it.
Harness the anger, disappointment, and pain of your past.
Use that energy to create change
And become the difference the world needs to see.
My dear,
It is time for you to arise triumphant,
Claiming victory over darkness.
It is time for you to take your proper place,
At the head of your life.
Generations are waiting for you to take your rightful place
So they know it’s ok to stand.

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Author Bio:

LaTerra Wise, Amanda Milbourne, and Lisa Wright are bloggers for Design of a Woman, a blog dedicated to empowering women.

LaTerra Wise is the happily married mother of four beautiful children. She is a small town girl who found beauty and comfort in writing. She now writes to uplift and inspire others to find peace and love within.

Amanda Milbourne is a loving mother, compassionate daughter, loyal friend, and gifted woman of God who has the Father’s giving heart for people. The Lord has trusted Amanda with many obstacles and graced her with the ability to rise above every challenge. At the end of each trial and every triumph, her eyes remain fixed on Jesus, “the author and perfector” of her faith.

Lisa Wright enjoys life’s simple pleasures. She is “Mom Mom” to six wonderful grandchildren. Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, but she finds true release in writing. Through her writing, she hopes to heal brokenness in other women through an array of expressions, including joy and laughter, as well as hurt, anger, and tears.

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