Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Spotlight: The Rage Within by DINA


For Biomedical Researcher Angelica Hunter, Devin O’Conner was to blame for the death of her mother. O’Conner may have not caused her physical death, but from the moment he kicked Cynthia Hunter out of his life while denying their baby, a part of her died.

Angelica watched for years, as her mother held on to hope – hope that Devin would realize she had been faithful to him and that her daughter truly belonged to him. But he never did! Instead, he’d moved on with his life, married a wealthy heir, and became a father to his children.

It was at her mother’s death bed, as she watched her mother take her last breath that she vowed to make him pay for his actions. Her mother may have had a forgiving heart, but Angelica was not as naïve and foolish. It was time for Devin O’Conner to have a taste of his own medicine… even if that meant his life.
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Author Bio:

DINA is the author of Rewriting My Story and The Rage Within, which are part of the Bitter Root series. In her books, DINA brings years of real-life experiences to the forefront, giving pearls of wisdom for transforming the bitterness of the past into the catalysts for life changing positive experiences. Each book showcases the importance forgiveness and the redemptive power available through Christ. In July 2015 DINA released her first short story, Lost & Found, which follows the life of My-Joy Avery Summer who is searching for love. But what she finds is a web of lies, betrayal, murder, and deception.  Look for DINA’s upcoming books: Behind the Mask (book three of the Bitter Root series) and Behold, a New Thing…Organization Tips and More.

DINA desires to uplift, inspire, and empower people to move beyond their negative residue of their past and become the best that they are meant to be while challenging them to make a positive impact in the lives of others. She accomplishes this not only via the stories found between the pages of her books, but also through various speaking opportunities and engagements.

DINA is also the Co-Founder of Ink Trails Publishing Incorporated which is a Christian-based publishing company with a mission to establish a legacy of positive literary works. She also aspires to establish a mentorship for teens who desires to establish their legacy through their writing.

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