Friday, November 20, 2015

Book Spotlight: Foolish by Donneil D. Jackson

Foolish Book Excerpt:
“What are you doing here?” She took a step back.
Although Shawn was tempted to say forget this bourgeois broad, call Tasha to apologize for leaving her and take her on the cruise to avoid losing his money, he decided to give Kayla one last try. He couldn’t figure her out. When he left her brownstone that morning she couldn’t keep her mouth off of him, but now she was giving him the cold shoulder. “Do you want to sit and I stand?” he asked, trying to make her feel comfortable.
Women flocked to Shawn. He never had to beg for the attention of a female. Yet Kayla was not budging. The challenge turned him on.
“I didn’t come here to hurt you or anything like that. I am not a stalker, mass murderer, or rapist. I came here to tell you I like you. I thought the feeling was mutual.” He grinned. “I thought we had a lot of chemistry.”
The memories of the chemistry they shared made her smile.
“I just wanted to see what’s up and see where we can take this. I thought I would take you on a cruise around the Hudson, to get to know you better.”
Kayla smiled, loosening up a bit. She hadn’t been on a date in months. She sat on the step next to Shawn. “That sounds nice. Look, I apologize if I came off a bit stuck-up or reserved. Can you imagine how I felt coming home to see someone I’ve only met once sitting on my stoop? You shouldn’t just show up on people’s doorsteps without calling or something.”
I did sleep with him, didn’t I?
Shawn must’ve been reading her mind. “I thought we were past all the formalities. Remember last night? This morning? Plus, when you kissed me good-bye this morning you didn’t give me your number. How else was I going to see your beautiful face again, unless I just showed up on your doorstep?”

Her insides began to tingle at the mention of last night’s activities. The familiar feeling of her nectar oozing between her thighs caused her lips to curl up, forming a great big smile.

Enjoying the sensation, she held her thighs tighter. “Let’s go inside?” Kayla said, getting up.
She closed her front door behind Shawn and motioned for him to take a seat on the couch next to her. “Let’s discuss last night. Despite what I did, that was my first time doing something like that.”
Whatever, Shawn thought.
“Okay. Some of the things I did, it was my first time doing them. The point I’m making is that I am no one’s whore. Last night, the alcohol took over. I don’t go after other women’s men. I don’t have one-night stands. I don’t screw on the first date and I don’t invite strangers to my house, swallow, or invite them into my ass. So it was my first time doing those sorts of things.” She looked away, embarrassed by her actions.
He nodded. “Okay. I still respect you in the morning.”
“Now that that is settled…” A sexy grin crept upon her face as she walked over toward the door where she had left her shopping bags. After searching through her bags Kayla pulled her dress over her head revealing her birthday suit and a box of condoms.
Shawn bit into his bottom lip, admiring Kayla’s flesh. No panties.
“Do you think we have enough time to do what we did last night before the boat leaves?” Kayla winked over her shoulder as she headed up the stairs.
“I think we have enough time for that and some other things.” He followed.   

Author Bio:

Donneil D. Jackson is a writer by nature and a Jersey girl by heart. Growing up a sheltered child, she used writing as an escape from her everyday life. She discovered that with writing she could be someone else, do things Donneil would never do and entertain others. One day she began writing Chante’s Song marking the beginning of her professional writing career. Donneil has since penned another novel, Foolish.
Donneil resides in Northern New Jersey with her daughter and significant other

Writing for me is like living in La La Land, where my best friends are Nia Long and Regina King. My neighbors are Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big. The love of my life is tall, dark and handsome; maybe he resembles Morris, is sexy like Mekhi, or has the swag of Idris and Denzel rolled up into one. Or maybe I have a taste for something different, in the form of Laz Alonzo or Dwayne Johnson. I am desired by many, but one man holds the key to my heart, while there may be a Jason lurking around possessing the secret to my love coming down. Christian Louboutin’s cover my perfectly pedicured toes. The finest fabrics and best designers dress me, while a girl’s best friend, diamonds is my accessory of choice. A Porsche Panamera sits in my parking spot with a tank full of premium gas waiting for me to drive off into the sunset.

Writing for me is an escape. The same goes for reading. I love the writing of Terry McMillian, Lolita Files, Aliya S King, and Electra Rome Parks to name a few.

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