Monday, December 7, 2015

"A Mother's Cry" with Jamesina Greene

"A Mother's Cry"

I am the Mother of two African American males and the grandmother of four. This fact alone makes my voice a necessity in this society.

From my "Mother's heart" was birthed my organization, "A Mother's Cry." A Mother's cry is not just about shedding tears. Her "cry" is her voice, her very presence. We are the voices speaking for our children. These precious gifts given to us with a bonding that is eternal. Yet, in order for us to give them our best, we must be our best.

The purpose and goal of "A Mother's Cry", is to provide formats wherein Mothers are. informed and empowered. Through workshops; conferences; retreats, etc. we will provide the opportunity for Mothers to meet and share, helping to heal and strengthen each other.

We are thrilled to announce that this year "AMC" has adopted a family currently residing in a local Safe House, for the Christmas Holiday. We are coming together to provide gifts, etc. for a Mother and her four children. "A Mother's Cry" will do what we can to give to our Communities, nationwide.

Meet Jamesina Greene

Jamesina Greene is the Mother of two sons, Byron and Tre' and the grandmother of four. She is the daughter of the late Apostle James F. Greene and Rev. Dr. Essie C. Greene.

Jamesina is an award winning Author, Speaker, Teacher and ordained Minister.  She is the President & Founder of Jami Greene Ministries, Inc, Destne Enterprises and A Mother's Cry organizations.

She is a Voice for all generations. Her transparency and strength during adversity inspires all who meet her.

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