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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Who Am I Suppose to Love by W Parks Brigham


Ruby Jewel McHarding and Caleb Gerald VanLee met on the campus of PVU.  They fell in love and made plans to spend their lives together.  As fate would have it their world was turned upside down at the eve of graduation with them taking separate paths…
Fifteen years later Caleb returns and has accepted a position at Johnson Memorial Clinic for two reasons; to fulfill his dream as a geriatrist’s specialist and to claim the woman who still has his heart and soul…

Ruby couldn’t believe her first and only love was relocating to her home town. Her mind was flooded with all kinds of questions.  Had he forgiven her?  Will he give them a second chance? Will she be strong enough to fight for their love this time…

Short Excerpt: 

Cell phone. “Hi Nathan, what’s up?” 
“Have you seen my brother yet, he should be there.”
“No, Nathan not yet and please don’t start with me.”
“I’m not, but I do want you to know he did ask about you and made it clear of his intentions, so get ready baby girl, you know how a brother can be persistent. His very words were he was not letting you walk away from him this time.”  Before she could respond a voice from the past captured her soul, her very essence. The deep sensuous vocal cords belonged to only HIM. 

“Hi Ruby.”  Disconnecting her call she stood to stare into the most gorgeous baby blue eyes ever. Lord she was not ready to face HIM yet, but as fate would have it, she had to acknowledge his presence or look foolish. And looking foolish was not a part of Attorney Ruby Jewel McHarding’s makeup.

“Hi Caleb,” six three, perfectly suntanned, drop dead specimen of a man! Long powerful legs were clad in faded worn jeans. A starched ironed white long sleeve shirt opened at the neck with the cuffs turned back was stretched across his broad well-developed chest. With great pleasure, she continued examining every adorable inch of him. His golden chestnut curly hair was no longer in a ponytail that she loved and thought was so sexy.  He now had a stylish haircut layered and tousled in the top and tapered on the sides. A light shadowy beard blended right into side burns and his mustache, which conveyed sex appeal and sophistication. Ruby looked at his right earlobe and noticed he was still wearing their twin diamond stud. He even had a little fuzz under his bottom lip that called out for caressing. Handsome and fine was an understatement for Caleb VanLee 3rd as his lips turned up into a fetching contagious grin showing two deep dimples. She couldn’t contain her own smile while trying to control her rapid heartbeat. 

He reached for her and she did not resist. Pulling her into his arms he whispered, “Girl, it’s been so long and you’re more beautiful than ever.” He pressed her tightly against his powerful body that was a heavier than before. He felt absolutely divine, she thought returning his hug which initiated a sensuous intense growl to escape his lips and her heated insides to sizzle.  They both inhaled each other’s intriguing and intoxicating scents of melded spices with sweet sensuous fruits and florals, while they continued lingering in each other’s arms with spectators passing by smiling. 

About the Author

            W Parks Brigham lives in Houston, Texas and has two adult daughters. She’s spent her adult life teaching small children and loved every minute of it. She is now a retired (Halleluiah) teacher of thirty plus years and loves every minute of that for sure. Her main interest and hobbies besides reading, includes active participation in her church, listening to her own radio station designed especially for her, playing spider solitaire, working bent and wiggly word search and Sudoku puzzles.

            Because of her love for AA romance and women fiction, she was inspired to write her own and has penned some of the most delicious tales with plus size women as the heroine, touching your every emotion. Her heroines are attractive, educated, and sophisticated with high self-esteem. They are not looking for a man to validate their worth…just love them for who they are.  Drama, the element of surprise with lots of twists and turns, romance, love, and semi-steamy intimacy are featured in each story.

            Besides being a writer of AA romance and women fiction; W Parks Brigham considers her stories in a class all by themselves Contemporary Christian Romance since she includes intimacy. Remember, she was first to tag her stories in what she’s sure will be a new category in the near future.

            W Parks have recently ventured out into reading other genres.  In doing so she has met some amazing new authors and have enjoyed their stories.

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