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Book Spotlight: After the Pain by Adrienne Thompson

After the Pain by Adrienne Thompson

About The Book:
Genre: African American Women’s Fiction/Edgy Inspirational Fiction/African American Romance
Release Date: Jan. 12, 2016

Barely grasping on to her sanity due to past trauma and unhappiness, LaVonda Ingram leaves her home in search of peace and finds it in the love of a beautiful man. But will she be able to hold on to the healing and peace his love provides?
This is book one of the Latter Rain series—stories of women over forty finding love.
Tagline: “After the Pain, she needed peace. She found it in his love…”

Book Excerpt:

It smelled like rain the day I lost my mind.
As a matter of fact, the scent of rain clung to the air like an unfulfilled promise until the sun set. I spent that day, the entire day, sitting on my front porch, staring at nothing in particular. I can’t say I was deep in thought because I wasn’t. As a matter of fact, all that seemed to fill my head was static—white noise. It was as if someone had flipped the switch in my head from on to off.
I just sat there and rubbed my hand over my freshly-cut hair, the hair I’d had cut because I just didn’t have the desire to keep it up, to go the beauty shop every week like I had in the past. I didn’t eat or drink anything. I didn’t use the toilet. I didn’t answer the phone when it rang. I didn’t smile or return the mailman’s hello. I didn’t wave when my neighbor greeted me. I didn’t utter a word or move a muscle until the sun began its daily descent. And once the moon took its place in the sky, I stood from my seat, walked out into my yard and fell to the ground. Pressing my face into the grass, I cried for the rain, begged for it to stop playing around and go ahead and pour down on me. In my mind, the rain would make things better, maybe water down some of the pain. I writhed on the ground, pulling up handfuls of grass until my tears dried and transformed into soft wails.
“LaVonda? You all right?” my neighbor, Bunny, shrieked when she stepped outside her house and saw me. What a dumb question that was. I was rolling around on the ground begging for rain, wasn’t I? Of course I wasn’t okay. And then I saw the worried expression on her face and the ugly dress on her body and all I could do was laugh. I laughed so hard that I started to cry again.

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Author Bio:

Adrienne Thompson has worn many titles in her lifetime–from teenage mother to teenage wife to divorcee to registered nurse to author. This mother of three young adults currently resides in Arkansas where she writes and publishes her stories from the soul… for the soul, full time. Adrienne writes stories about brokenness, healing, and redemption, because she has traveled those roads herself. 
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