Friday, January 8, 2016

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time by LaShaunda C. Hoffman

Hello I’m LaShaunda C. Hoffman.  I turned my love of books into a magazine, SORMAG Digital.  We celebrated 15 years online last year.  My love of books started at an early age and it grew into wanting to write my own books when I turned 16.  I asked for a typewriter and my mom got me one for my birthday.  I wrote my first masterpiece and was in love with writing.  Fast forward 30+ years later and my dream of being a published author came true, with my book Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time.

I fell in love with romances and moved on to other literatures.  Now I try to read a new genre each year.  My mission in life is to introduce as many people to books as I can.  Some of my favorite authors are Beverly Jenkins, Rochelle Alers, Sheryl Lister, Piper Hughley, Lutishia Lovely and Shonda Rhimes.

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I would like to offer a few tips for your book promotion – Start your mailing list if you don’t have one.  It is your #1 tool for promoting your book.  If you have one, make sure you are asking every reader you meet to join it.  You want to build your own community and start building relationships with your readers.

5 Mistakes New Writers Make With Promotion

  1. Not having a website – You need a home base for your readers to connect with you.
  2. Not creating a promotion plan – Don’t wing it, create a plan and work it.
  3. Waiting to the last minute to promote – Again having a plan will eliminate this mistake
  4. Not having a promotion budget -  You need a budget to promote even a small one will get you in front of new readers
  5. Not know who your audience is and where to find them.  Not all readers are online, so you need to know who you readers are and how to find them.

My book address these mistakes and offers you suggestion on how to jumpstart your promotion today.

Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time is available for print or as an ebook. 

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