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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: It's Never Too Late For Love by W Parks Brigham

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE FOR LOVE (The Golden Years Book #1)

Delana Crawford was still upset as she kicked her shoes under the bench in front of her queen-size bed and turned on the television. She had just returned from a much-needed walk to clear her head after she heard her twin brother’s other disturbing news. It was bad enough he was getting ready to upset both of their lives. But he had the nerve to ask her to coordinate his wedding and wanted her to meet with both families who were on their way over. She wished she would spend her Sunday evening talking about a wedding after he’d turned their simple and carefree life upside down. As far as she was concerned, they were living the good life after all the sacrifices they’d made over the years. The girls were now happily married with families and successful careers, living the American dream, even if they were running the family businesses.  What was also surprising his girls encouraging him, saying it was time for him to marry, again. The ungrateful traitors, they were supposed to have her back. Instead, they accused her of being a hater and said she needed to find herself a man.  Well, they could help their father and future stepmother have a wedding. And she was not jealous, just didn’t feel up to pretending she was in the mood to plan their upcoming nuptials.
Everything was to take place in two weeks. She couldn’t believe Rhonda Kaye Mason actually wanted to be a July bride and her brother and nieces were doing everything in their power to make it happen. That was why they were having it the last day in July, on a big Tuesday morning; what a joke! 
What was the rush? Demit his soul, thought Delana, opening a bag of her weakness, miniature Snickers.  And yes, she might eat the whole bag if she wished and add some extra pounds to her two hundred and three-pound frame.  Humph, just as long as the scales did not go past the ten mark. She popped a chocolate delight in her mouth.  Humph, he even had the nerve to tell her there was no need in her thinking about moving. Humph, she popped another. Dee, we can all live here together. We’ll still have our separate and private spaces. Yeah, right, she wished she would live with him and Rhonda Kaye Mason. She ate another. And she didn’t care if they’d only been in their new residence three short months; she unwrapped another.
After thirty-plus years, he was in love and planned to get married. What in the world was Deleon Crawford going to do with a wife at fifty-eight years old? To top it off, he was marrying Rhonda Kaye Mason who struggled with a cane just to get around.  She should be on a walker or one of those riding toys, Delana thought with a smirk, eating another one.  Now really, what good was she going to be to a vital, healthy man like her brother?  Regardless of Rhonda Kaye being two years younger than Deleon, she already had a serious case of arthritis.  One thing was for sure, he was going to have to take care of her by himself. She would move out as soon as she found something suitable. 
            Yeah, right she thought. Humph, she was stuck like Chuck!
“You hold it down while I check on things,” instructed Delana.  She then made a quick turn to walk to the back and bumped into a gorgeous, sexy gentleman with Nathan Collins. They both wore appreciative smiles.
“Excuse me,” said the older gentleman in his smooth, baritone voice.
Mmmm! Dang, every one of her nerve endings was spitting fire. “No, please, excuse me,” she replied sizing him up. Humph, men do it all the time.
“Delana, let me introduce you to my father-in-law, Charles Johnson.” She knew exactly who he was with all the talk she had heard at the salon. Poor Jazper was always flooded with questions whenever she came into the salon or boutique by people of all ages.
“It’s my pleasure, Delana,” he said, taking her hand.
She expressed it was nice to meet him as well, while she admitted silently that he was something to behold close up.  And whoever said he was a bag of chips should have said a family size. Ba-bee, Charles Johnson was a fine syrupy brown, six-feet plus, mingled gray, HUNK with a firm handshake.  And it was quite evident he knew the effect he had on women. But just like she overheard Jazper tell her nieces, when they called themselves playing matchmakers, he was not interested and neither was she.
“Delana, I see you’ve met my daddy.”
“Yes, Jazper,” she said, forcing the words out.
“Baby girl, I’m disappointed in you.” 
She looked at her father with a strange expression; she didn’t get it and he knew it.
“You’ve never mentioned you had such an attractive mature friend, and I say that lightly, mainly of the gray hair.”
“I’m so sorry, Daddy, mere oversight on my part.  Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” She couldn’t believe him standing there with his eyes fixed on Delana.  She couldn’t count the times she tried to tell him about her and he gave his typical answer, He was not interested.
“I don’t know about that, Baby girl; only if you can get this beautiful woman to have dinner with me very soon.”
Although a few minutes had only passed, it seemed longer, thought Delana as he continued to entrap her hand. Three pairs of eyes were focused on her.  Oh, he was quite the charmer, she thought, as he caressed her hand. She wanted to take Jazper off the hook, but she wished she would accept a dinner date with him. He had already made it clear he didn’t want to meet any of her older friends, as he put it. Yeah, there was nothing wrong with her memory, she remembered well. Besides, she’d made it her business to avoid men who were so full of themselves. Been there… done that. Delana had managed to get engaged to two of the most worthless men on the face of the earth before she turned thirty.  She even had the nerve to marry one which ended in divorce within a year.
Her cell phone indicated she was getting another text in all caps.
“I’m sorry, but I must go.”
With those words, the handsome and suave Charles Johnson kissed her hand and expressed he hoped they could spend some time together after the wedding.  Releasing her hand and leaving invisible imprints of his hot mustached lips, he’d made her hot in more ways than one.  Giving them a nod, she rushed off like she was really in a hurry. The truth; she couldn’t wait to get out of their sights. Finally approaching the door, she took deep breaths before entering. She was having a senior moment, whether it was because of her age or him. Regardless, she was still having her moment which had been more frequent since she had another birthday.

About the Author

  W Parks Brigham lives in Houston, Texas and has two adult daughters. She’s spent her adult life teaching small children and loved every minute of it. She is now a retired (Halleluiah) teacher of thirty plus years and loves every minute of that for sure. Her main interest and hobbies besides reading, includes active participation in her church, listening to her own radio station designed especially for her, playing spider solitaire, working bent and wiggly word search and Sudoku puzzles.

            Because of her love for AA romance and women fiction, she was inspired to write her own and has penned some of the most delicious tales with plus size women as the heroine, touching your every emotion. Her heroines are attractive, educated, and sophisticated with high self-esteem. They are not looking for a man to validate their worth…just love them for who they are.  Drama, the element of surprise with lots of twists and turns, romance, love, and semi-steamy intimacy are featured in each story.

            Besides being a writer of AA romance and women fiction; W Parks Brigham considers her stories in a class all by themselves Contemporary Christian Romance since she includes intimacy. Remember, she was first to tag her stories in what she’s sure will be a new category in the near future.

            W Parks have recently ventured out into reading other genres.  In doing so she has met some amazing new authors and have enjoyed their stories.

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