Monday, January 11, 2016

Book Spotlight: The Other Man 1 by Author LaToya Wilson

Blurb for The Other Man 1:
 Jané loves her husband more than life itself, enough to naively sacrifice every dream she has ever had. But, communication failure in their marriage will cause a breakdown that neither may be able to come back from, and allow another man into both their lives, Blazier Freeman. Unusual desires and unstable secrets that are bound to get somebody killed will push them all to their breaking points. 

Can Jané resist the other man that can give her everything her husband does not know she needs?
Is Blazier the only thing standing between Jané and the tempest waiting to be unleashed without warning into her life when those same desires and secrets come to the light?

Meet Author LaToya Wilson

LaToya Wilson is a mother of three, wife, and brand new author that also uses the pen name, London Starr, for pursuing a lifelong dream of writing. She has wanted to share her imagination and give people a warm place to go in her books when the real world has grown cold, since the age of nine. Griffin, Georgia is her home, but not where she was born. She hopes to travel through her hometown in Kansas one day as an adult. Nothing makes her happier than to start a book, and then complete it, whether reading someone’s work or writing her own.
I write because I have to and hope to touch and inspire someone with my stories that are born from real life experiences that I have been privy to and a part of. The stories are a way for me to exercise and give my imagination a release. I love to read any author’s book. Anyone that can expose themselves to public opinion, that most times is negative, deserves to be read.
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