Friday, February 12, 2016

Book Spotlight: Lust for Revenge by Melody S

He retrieved his pants from the floor and as he slipped them on asked, “Where do you keep your cleaning supplies?”
“My cleaning supplies? Oh, honey you don’t need to clean anything.” she chuckled softly.
“Actually I do. Where do you keep the bleach?” he asked again.
“Okay...” she replied confused, “Out the door to your left in the closet.”
He followed her directions and came back with the big bottle of cleaner and then removed his pants again. She smiled at him thinking they were about to go another round.
“I was hoping you weren’t done yet because—”
The man moved swiftly across the room and put one of his hands around her neck. He squeezed until she voluntarily opened her mouth as she tried to suck in air, and then began pouring the bleach in her mouth straight from the bottle. She sputtered, chocking and trying not to swallow the harsh chemicals but it couldn’t be avoided. The man kept pouring. Once he felt all of his DNA that had been in her mouth had been washed away, he removed a pearl handled switchblade knife from his back pocket. He moved slowly behind her as she began to beg for her life.
“Please don’t! I have family! I don’t know what my husband has done to you, but I’m sorry!” she cried.
“Listen, Amanda this isn’t personal between you and me . It just happens to be the most unlucky day you’ve ever had.”
He held her squirming body in place while he positioned himself, and ran the switchblade from one of her ears to the other. While she lay bleeding out, he donned the pair of latex cleaning gloves he’d bought with him and began wiping down every door handle, and anything else he might’ve touched.

Meet Author Melody S

I write fiction and murder suspense short stories and novels and am the author of Murderess Obsession, Marrying The Family and Lust For Revenge. I own my own publishing company, Dream Cloud Publications and also write for Delphine Publications. I am a mother of four and the wife of a military veteran who suffers with Lupus SLE. I am a living organ donor who donated a kidney to my ailing husband two years ago and we are both doing extremely well! I love to read as much as I love to write and enjoy reading mystery, murder, and fiction novels. One of my favorite authors is James Patterson.

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