Monday, February 8, 2016

Book Spotlight: Thrive by KC King

Thrive Excerpt
Kaila was startled early one morning as she was trying to reach for some dry goods located on the top shelf in the kitchen.  She’d managed to climb up on the countertop in order to reach the item when she was suddenly engulfed in a strong embrace.

“Kaila, are you trying harm yourself by falling off the counter.” Cole chastised, disapproval in his voice.  She was hauled unceremoniously against his broad chest while he removed the items from the top shelf. 

“Cole you can put me down, I wasn’t going to fall.”  She was irritated by his high-handed actions and the tone in which he addressed her.

“That’s not what it just looked like to me.  If you need anything, Kaila, simply ask and I’ll do it.” 

“Well, then maybe something is wrong with your eyes.”  She bristled, not understanding why he infuriated her so just now.  “What I need is for you to put me down and back off.  I was doing just fine without you.”  And there it was, her fear that she was beginning to need Cole in some form or fashion.  A weakness she couldn’t afford.  It really irritated her.  It scared her. 

Without saying a word, he lowered her onto the floor but failed to release her from his embrace.  His masculine scent assailed her as she felt the briefest kiss on her temple. Feeling contrite for her earlier outburst, her anger dissipated leaving only a small measure of panic.

“I’m not helpless you know.  I’ve managed quite nicely without your assistance these last few weeks.” 

She stood stock still, refusing to acknowledge the affect he was having on her. Butterflies danced a ballet in her stomach at the feel of his strong arm holding her close. Her breathing quickened when he released, her placing both hands on the counter effectively caging her in.

“I know you’re not helpless, Kaila.  I think you’re a strong and very capable woman.”  Cole leaned in closer, forcing her against the counter top and whispered into her ear.  The heat of his breath quickened in her chest making her nipples tingle and tighten with his next statement.  “You’re not alone here.  I’m here for you whenever you need me.” 

She would’ve rolled her eyes at the suggestive nature of his invitation except for the decadent movement of his lips on her neck. Her knees trembled with each delicate kiss and a fierce longing began to grow with each exhaled breath against her skin.  Cole stilled her clenching hand gently prying her fingers open while the heat of his tongue snaked across her bare neck.

The moan that escaped her lips was ragged with the need of her burgeoning lust. Cole continued his sensual assault on her sensitive neck kissing and sucked on her tenderly.  Her sex pulsed with awakening hunger.  She felt the wetness begin to gather in her folds with each kiss and scrape of his teeth.   It had been so long since she’d felt this type of desire but never this strong or intense.
Her breathing deepened and she no longer fought him.  She sagged against him head thrown to the side while Cole debauched her neck with his mouth and tongue. She could feel the evidence of his need hot and hard against her backside.  Soft kisses rained down her neck and shoulders as he reigned in his desire.  He held her for long moments allowing her to get her breathing under control.

“I want you, Kaila, now I know you want me too.  Take as long as you need to make the decision to come to me.  Just know that I’ll be waiting to give you all the pleasure you deserve. 

Meet Author KC

KC King is the author of Subtle Tenderness her debut novel. KC King grew up in Tennessee and now resides outside of Atlanta GA with her son. KC is an avid dog lover but can only boast ownership of a one or two lizards who occasionally find shelter in her downstairs living room or garage. Not to exclude the occasional lost turtle or rabbit that take up residence in her back yard. KC has been an avid reader since the tender age of seven when she fell in love with Dr. Seus books, Dora the Witch and Judy Blume stories. She hopes to write so many novels that KC King becomes a household name.

I am a lover of fiction.  A few years I owned a small used bookstore and it went under in the economic crash. I figured once you've experience failure there wasn't anything holding me back. I started writing Thrive in 2008 and I haven't looked back. I read everything, romance, paranormal thrillers, mystery and the lack of seeing heroines or main characters that looked like me is why I started to write. I love Steven King, Nora Roberts, Lora Leigh, Anne Rice, Alice Walker, Maya Angelou, Octavia Butler.... Just to name a few.

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