Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Book Spotlight: Devoured Inhibitions by Koko Strokes


What do you do when you find yourself all alone with no one watching?

Deciding against wasting an opportunity, Greer Soren, a successful divorced mother treats herself to a night of luxury, rest and relaxation at the exclusive hotel, The X.

The last thing Greer expected when she accepted a glass of wine from the sinfully delicious Gage Cox was to find herself in the midst of not one, but 2 men.

Now that she's here, what's a woman to do?

When the mouse is away, the lions will play...with their Kitty that is.

"What can I get you Mr. Cox?"
    The bartender asked as Gage took his seat on the end, settling his bulky and muscular frame as comfortably as he could onto the high-back chair.
    Glancing casually to his right, Gage's eyes landed on what was surely one of the most succulent and beautiful ebony goddesses he'd ever seen. That was saying a lot seeing as how he and Taggart had played the field just as hard as they worked. Being in the company of a beautiful woman or beautiful women, was nothing new to him. But this woman...when Gage looked at her, she confirmed for him that there was indeed a God. As only He could create something so immaculately beautiful. Clearing his throat and mind of his wayward thoughts, Gage answered the attendant.
         "Yes. I'll have a Hendricks neat please."
    The gorgeous woman next to him appeared to be finishing up her glass of wine and potentially preparing to depart. Not wanting her to leave before he could at least find out her name, Gage amended his original order.
    "And a refill of whatever the lovely lady to my right is having."
    The unknown woman's guarded russet eyes raised up to connect with his hungry gaze.
         "Thank you for the gesture, but,"
    "Relax Lovely. I'm a man, not a boy. I don't expect anything in return from you just because I'm buying you a ten dollar glass of wine."

         "Well, it's actually--"

Meet Author Koko Strokes

Hello. My name is KoKo Strokes. I have been writing since I was a tyke and seriously (published) since 2013. I am originally from northern Illinois and currently reside in te Atlanta area. I looooove to read and have no pets! lol

I write strictly Erotica Romance. So far they’ve all been shorts for The Flesh is Weak Chronicles, but this last one is tapping on full book territory (my characters just wouldn’t shut up J). I love Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, Diana Gabaldon, Johanna Lindsey and the list goes on and on. Reading has always been a great escape for me. I’ve always had a great imagination and reading allows me to continue to build and stretch said imagination.

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