Friday, March 25, 2016

Book Spotlight: Never Saw It Coming by S.D. Matthews

It had been around two weeks and Jennifer was still bothered, after finding out what David had done. It was late, and she was leaving work. While on the elevator heading to the garage, she mumbled, under her breath, “How could this have happened? Why would David betray me like this? What does it matter, I have Robert, now. Robert loves me and wouldn’t have done anything like this.” 
She wondered if he truly loved her.
“Damn you, David. Why?”
This elevator ride seemed like it was taking forever. Jennifer kept imagining David having sex with this woman.
With each passing floor, the elevator bell chimed.
David having sex with that woman from behind.
David on top of that woman, thrusting into her.
David’s face between that woman’s legs.
Jennifer’s emotional level was beyond content. The elevator doors opened and a man jumped in and grabbed at her purse and briefcase. They tugged back and forth.
Jennifer let her briefcase go, and the man fell to the ground, hard.
He was stunned, for a second as she ran passed him and picked up her case. The assailant  tried to grab her leg. He tripped her instead.
Jennifer fell, dropping everything but her keys. She quickly got back up and ran rapidly to her car.
The man finally got up. He followed her.
            Jennifer made it to her car, got in, and locked the doors. She fumbled around, trying to put the key into the ignition.
The glass in the door shattered, just as she turned the ignition on.
She pulled off, quickly, speeding around every corner. Just when she saw the exit, the assailant ran in front of the exit. Jennifer slowed down because she didn’t want to run him over. Then, she looked, again, and thought she saw David; she stepped on the gas.
The man didn’t have time to move out of the way and she plowed right into him. The assailant flipped over the hood, hitting the windshield. He sailed over the car and fell to the ground, hard.
Jennifer came to a complete stop.
On the ground, blood rushed from his head and nose.
Jennifer was shaken up and crying. She got out the car to check on the man. When she turned him over, she saw a flash of David’s face. Then, she closed her eyes. When she reopened them, it was the face of a stranger.
Some people saw her standing there and yelled for an ambulance.
Jennifer was crying, but anger was in her eyes.

 Meet Author S. D. Matthews

An honorary Pastor at Living Hope Christian Center in Pennsauken, NJ, I grew up in the streets of Philadelphia, PA. There I was active in the Drama Ministry, writing and performing in such plays as “Jesus Still Speaks” and “A Tale of Two Sinners”. My writing embodies my spiritual side, my interest in thriller/suspense, and I experiment with thriller/horror. I’d released a new novel “Never Saw It Coming” the first of a trilogy in late 2015. “Bishop Nugget: A Walk Through the Scriptures” explores the bible from Genesis to Revelation is coming in April. My upcoming project “Never Saw It Coming 2” will be out later in 2016.

I love to read and write because you can go places that only movies and my imagination can take me. Life has its real moments that I can believe but writing can put another layer to what reality can’t touch. Take Stephen Kings “IT”, clowns can be scary but with the imagination you might not want to go to a circus for a long time. Take most erotic stories by Zane or Newhouse, everyone wants to live the passion but usually when you have lived it, the books seems to be a little better.  Book like these can stir up your own creativeness that I never thought my mind would go.

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