Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Book Spotlight: Peace Poems (Created to protect peace) by Amani Nigia Williams


 A peaceful world

That’s all I want

That’s all I see

No more killing

No more fights

Enough is enough

We need to try

To do better

To be better

And to love one another

World peace is all I want.

Black Lives Matter

Our lives matter

Because we are all the same

It shouldn’t matter

If we come from the South or North

All that matters

Is our personality and what we can do

It shouldn’t matter

If we pay for food with an EBT card

Or a black card

We are all still eating the same food

It shouldn’t matter that 

I have long, black dreads

I am not a criminal

You look at my appearance and

Already think you know 

My whole life story

Well, news flash, you don’t

Just like you, we have dreams, too

Like becoming a doctor

Or the President of the United States

We are important and we will fight

For our rights

Our skin color doesn’t define us

We do.

About the Author:

Amani Nigia Williams is a teenager enrolled in high school in Tallahassee, Florida. She lives at home with both her parents who are very proud of her achievements. When she graduates from high school, Amani plans to enroll in college to pursue her dreams of becoming a chef and a veterinarian. One day, she plans to open an animal adoption shelter so that all homeless animals will have homes and good food to eat.

Amani is an active member of Life Eternal Ministries where she sings in the choir and is a new member of the Usher Board. When she’s not writing poetry, she enjoys reading fantasy and horror stories, watching fantasy and horror movies, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends.

In her first poetic release, Amani grabs you by the heart and captures your soul and spirit with her truthful poems. Come experience the power of poetry through the eyes of a teenager with this thought-provoking collections of poems. This is a must-read for every generation!

Her email address is:

I am moved to tears by Amani's words, her cause, her accomplishment, her effective use of poetic rhythms to provoke healing. This is the first defining literary work from generation Z that I have had the privilege of experiencing and it is a harbinger of a global transformation. (Summer Hill Seven, President of Big Bend Poets). 

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