Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Book Spotlight: What She Survived Womanish by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Angelia Vernon Menchan is wife, mother, nana, mentor, author and publisher. Since 2006, Menchan has published over 100 literary offerings of her own work and the work of fourteen other authors. She is CEO of Honorable Menchan Media and works alongside her husband of 38 years, Maurice Menchan who designs her covers and jewelry.

Menchan considers writing to be a way to mentor and give back to those who support her work. He fiction work is considered Fictionalized Truths because it always relate to what is going on in the life of actual women in real time. Mencha writes to still the voices in her head because in many ways writing for her is a form of artistic therapy. She is in her most serene moments when creating characters. Menchan is also an avid reader, reading a minimum of four books monthly. She loves the work of Nia Forrester, Colin Channer, Bernice McFadden and other contemporary authors. Her favorite author of all time is James Baldwin and she considers Maya Angelou as her literary muse.Womanish: How She Survived is Angelia Vernon Menchan's latest offering and is a book from a woman, about women and for women.What is WomanIsh? It's all the things women go through. The day to day ish, the man ish, the raising kids ish, the I earn lots of money but still wanna be cherished ish, the I'm more than my womb ish... The what you mean I'm old ish... Sound familiar? 

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