Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Spotlight: Another Woman's Husband by Angel Mechelle


“I care Dré. It’s not the time to be exposing us. Remember, we
said we were going to do things slowly?”
“I’ll call you and let you know what’s up,” he said.
Deep inside I knew that Dré would be able to convince Neecy
to come home. She didn’t really want to leave Dré. Otherwise
she would have done it before I ever came into the picture. He
cheated on her so many times before and she was still there.
I just hoped when she did come back, she didn’t decide to go
ballistic on me. I lived in the hood, but I wasn’t a fighter. The last
confrontation I’d had with another woman left me with a broken
wrist. I didn’t want to go there again, and Neecy looked like the
type to break wrists.
When I picked the kids up from Auntie’s, she insisted we
have a talk. She sat down on the couch, and made room for me
beside her.
“How was your weekend?” she asked.
“It was nice Auntie,” I said, nervously taking a seat.
“Bree, I know that you were with that woman’s husband,” she
said without hesitation.
I had lied to Auntie about where I was going. I told her I was
going out of town with Nikki, Eric, and some other friends, but
she obviously didn’t believe me.
“Auntie, please I don’t want to get into all of that right now,”
I said, as I crossed my legs Indian style and placed an oversized
pillow across my lap.
“I just need to know Bree. I need to know what is going on,
just in case something happens. This whole thing could get out of
hand. Have you ever heard of Betty Broderick?” Auntie asked.
“Yes, I have heard of her I watched the movie on Lifetime,
but this situation is not like that.”
Auntie was referring to Betty Broderick, a former San Diego
socialite whose husband left her, and started a new life with
his young assistant. Betty went crazy, and ended up killing the
husband and his new wife in their own bed while they slept.
“You know I will hurt somebody about you. You are my Baby,
but at the same time… you are wrong Bree, dead wrong.” Auntie
placed her hand on my shoulder and sighed.
“Auntie whatever happens, I can handle it,” I said.
“I don’t want to preach to you, but you do know that you are
committing adultery right?

Meet Angel Mechelle

Armed with an active imagination and a notion for DRAMA, Angel Mechelle was finally able to share her love for storytelling with the world when she was accepted as a contributing author in the Anthology "Hood2Hood, presented by Best Selling Author, Shannon Holmes (Author of B-More Careful). Impressed with her talent Mr. Holmes offered to publish Angel's debut novel, Another Woman's Husband, which quickly became a favorite among readers. The opportunity has opened many doors in the literary industry for Angel. She completed two short stories featured in the Anthologies "Flirt" and "Divas, Diamonds and Dollars".

Angel's love of writing comes from a deep passion for storytelling. She enjoys giving readers a story they can relate to and present a situation that allows them to become invested in the story and connect with the characters. Angel's stories are often inspired by true events, which readers often relate to. This premise inspired Angel to create Chick Life Publications, where stories and characters are created to entertain and inspire readers. Angel introduces memorable characters who readers laugh at, cry with, love and hate the all at the same time. Sharing her vivid imagination and her "crazy" life experiences with readers is what drives Angel to continue to write stories which resonate with her readers due to their true to life perspective. Angel released the sequel to Another Woman's Husband and is currently working on her next project, titled, Her Cougar Chronicles.

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