Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Spotlight: Spawns Of A Thug by Kia Meche

Spawns Of A Thug

A new Baker era is in effect in the spin-off from Lovin' The Wrong Thug...

Twenty-year old twins, Deimo and Demarri Baker are Atlanta's hottest commodity. Though they had a troubled childhood, they tried to keep their heads above water. What happens when a person from their past, Bree, resurfaces? Will they forgive their mother for leaving them eighteen years ago or will their hearts remain full of resentment?

Demi, the sister of the twins, has everything a girl could ask for, but the love that her heart yearns for is missing. She meets Loso and starts falling, but will Loso be the knight and shining armor she always dreamed of, or will he be an enemy in disguise?

Caydence, the second to the youngest of the bunch, is one troubled teen. She can't get it right if you paid her, but her parents must show her just what tough love is all about. Will she fold under pressure, or will she get her act together?

Cayleigh, the humble yet oh so petty daughter of the street king, Chance McCray, has always been every nigga's dream. However, she never gave them the time of day until the one and only Majestic comes along. Can Majestic capture her heart and show her just what she has been missing, or will that one tragedy run her away?

You will laugh, you may cry, but this is one hell of a read. Come see what life is like when you're dealing with the Spawns of a Thug.

Meet Author Kia Meche

My name is Nakia but I go by Kia Meche. I am 28 years old and I am from Atlanta,Ga. The mother of one, I enjoy spending quality time with my son and enjoying motherhood. Next month I will be attending school once again working towards a degree in Nursing. Though I enjoy being a stay at home mother, I hope to go back to work pretty soon. My son has always been my motivation to strive for greater in this cold world that we live in. I started off writing poetry and decided to step it up a little and join the author world.

I love reading urban fiction novels and romance because I can always relate to the characters. My first book that I read and loved was Be More Careful by Shannon Holmes and I loved event page. My schedule got hectic and 2015 I started back reading and got addicted to a few books by Kellz Kimberly, Charae Lewis, Natavia to only name a few. Those ladies gave me the push to start my own journey to become an author and here I am. I love writing because it eases my mind when I am under a lot of stress. I hope to one day write more genres.

If you would like to contact me here is my contact info:
Facebook: Kia Astonsmom Walton
Author Page: Author Kia Meche
My reading Group: Kia Meche’s Put some Respeck On it
Instagram: @Meche_Aston

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