Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Increasing Your Author Platform with Paulette Harper

Increasing Your Author Platform

As an author building your platform is one of the most important things you must do, especially if you are a first time author.  I tell my clients to budget for marketing and promoting. There is nothing worse than an author saying…. “I don’t have money to market my book.” Believe me as a published author and workshop facilitator, I have heard it all. If you want people to take you serious as an author, you must be able to invest in your book by marketing and promoting it. That mean you must spend money.

With the internet, your online presence has a very broad reach. If you built it successfully, it can spread great awareness of you as an author and gain you fans, followers, leads, customers and anything else you could ever want for your book and or services.  

Your online presence could consist of a website, blog, social media profiles, article writing and or becoming a columnist for a magazine. Building an online present is about been seen in as many places as one can.

I must tell you it requires work. Actually writing the book is the easiest part an author can do. The marketing and promoting is almost a full time job. Consistency is one of the keys to gaining attention to your work. 

One of the ways in which you, as an author can gain exposure and build your online present is with a Virtual Book Tour. As the owner of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours, I have helped many authors gain exposure, connect with host of radio shows and build a reader base for life.
Remember this is an investment in you.

What is a Virtual Book Tour?
A virtual book tour features authors promoting their books by making guest appearances during a set time frame on blogs, podcasts, radio shows, social networks, or other venues. These tours are sometimes called book blog tours or virtual author tours, or abbreviated as VBT.
The locations where the author is making appearances are called tour stops, and the blog owners or interviewers are called tour hosts.
Tours are often done as part of the launch of a new book, but they can be successful any time after the book is published. They are just as effective for fiction and nonfiction books — only the venues and the type of content will vary.

Why Authors Should Do a Virtual Book Tour
The purpose of a virtual book tour is to enhance the author's platform and reputation through increased online exposure, drive traffic to the author's website and to build relationships with key influencers.
What are the benefits of doing a VBT?
Ø  Virtual tours are generally less expensive and time consuming than travelling.

Ø  Authors can reach far more people and a more targeted audience with a virtual tour.

Ø  The virtual tour provides quality, lasting links to the author's website. These links have search engine optimization value and may continue to provide new visitors to the author’s website for months or years to come.

What makes a successful tour?
Well the success of a tour depends on who you ask and what the goals are for having a book tour. If an author is looking just for sales, then they might be disappointed with the results. I can’t guarantee book sales, but I can guarantee an author will get the exposure.

An effective virtual book tour can be composed of a number of different kinds of  “content,” including: Guest blog posts, book excerpts, book reviews, interviews, podcast or radio appearance, book giveaways, trailers, Facebook chats, and social media contests.

What we do at WNL?
Our job is to create buzz for your book and get you the publicity you need though bloggers and radio interviews.  As an author, I know the importance of publicity and marketing. Throughout the years, I have made great connections and friendships with authors and bloggers who will help me promote you.

Testimonial to our services.
“Three words to describe Paulette Harper and WLN tours. Efficient, fast and stress free. Well that’s four words, but you get my drift. I told her what I needed and she gave me the perfect product—a book blast. She didn’t try to sell me what I didn’t need. And the results were great. If you are an author looking for a stress free (yeah there goes that word again) exposure you want to know Paulette Harper.”

 Unoma Nwankwor, Amazon, Best-Selling  Author,When You Let Go & Owner KevStel Group LLC

The exposure: Before the tour, I would look up my book and maybe see one or two references on the first page. Ever since the tour, I’ve taken up several spots via the first three pages of Google. This is a direct result of the tour. Images as well as blog interviews showed up. This was extremely important for me for SEO purposes.

Parker J. Cole, Radio personality, Amazon Best-Selling Author, of Many Strange Women.
Paulette Harper is a Bestselling, Award Winning Author of Inspirational, fiction, and children’s books. She’s the owner of WNL Literary Author Services.  With over 7 years of marketing and promoting experience, Paulette has built a reputation as the “go” to person when it comes to promoting, marketing and coaching authors. Using her skills and expertise she can also facilitate writing workshops.

In 2010, with a passion to help authors succeed in marketing their books, she launched Write Now Literary. The company offers many options for authors to increase their visibility, while building their authors platform.  WNL specializes in Virtual Book Tours, Facebook Chats, Radio Tours and Book Blast.

Please visit us at: www.wnlbooktours.com