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Book Spotlight: Emotions of the Tazz-Manian Devil by Tazz

Lisa D. Williams a.k.a Tazz was born February 17 in East Meadow NY. Raised in Roosevelt Long Island NY she is the youngest of 4 kids. Writing in my early teens as a hobby, life threw her a curb ball and she stopped writing for 14 years. Finding her passion again for writing, she started back writing again in August 2016. Being able to put her feelings on paper and a special someone seeing something in her; she chose to pursue her hand in writing. Continuing to write, her goal is to progress in her writing. Where she plans to go from here, is to continue to write and let her inner me be heard. Whenever she feels down and out and ready to give up, she remembers Philippians 4:19; I can do all things, through Christ which strengthens me. Determined to be someone great, she continues to press until she reaches her highest peak. She presents to you: Emotions of the Tazz-Manian Devil.
Tazz loves to read Elan Harris, Maya Angelou, and Terry woods; just to name a few.  These authors continue to inspire her to express her inner emotions.  She loves to read for relaxation.  Growing up, all she could think about was being a writer, so she could one day inspire others with her word play.  Although writing allows her to relieve her emotions, she will not stop encouraging others to step outside their comfort zone.

I’m So Addicted To You
I’m so addicted to you
These feelings…I’ve never been through
I’ve never touched…seen…felt…made love…or even kissed you
Your mental conversation…has me addicted
The way you make me feel inside…it’s a feeling…I can’t hide
Your love captivates me…has me on cloud 9
Asking me over and over again…why I can’t let you go…can’t we just be friends
To be honest…without you in my life…it’s like having no air to breathe…I would rather die
I’m not talking about a physical death…but the death of my heart
Every time I hear you name or think of you…it still beats the same
I know God will give you everything you pray for
It’s just so hard to prove to you…God made no mistakes…when he created you
Creating you just for me…with no regrets
So you ask…is what I feel for you real
Yes…it is
He has opened my eyes to see…what is for me…won’t come easily
And that’s why I will continue to show you day by day…I’m yours…and I’m here to stay
These are the many reasons…I’m so addicted to you

Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Spotlight:The Allurement of Apollo by Apollo The Dreamer

Robert C. Sua a.k.a. Apollo The Dreamer is a poet, author, performer, and urban clothes designer. Performing in various venues in his home state of North Carolina, he continues to venture out as he takes his writing and apparel on the road with him.  He is the author of Apollo’s Abyss, The Allurement of Apollo, and now releasing his third book Summer Nights.  He plans on continuously adding to his Allurement Collection.  When he is not with his family, friends, writing, or working on new ideas for his brand, he travels the country; gaining new inspiration, from life experiences.  No matter what he goes through in life, he will continue to find ways to incorporate lessons into his life.
The things Apollo enjoys reading is nothing similar to his writing.  He enjoys articles relating to politics, social issues, and spiritual awareness.  He also enjoys African history and stories of Kings.  He’s a conspiracy theorist; so most of his time reading is spent finding fact or fiction about world events.  Apollo writes to self-express, and reflect on himself.  Although he’s not perfect, his writing gives him a chance to get a glance at the man in the mirror.  Having the ability to transpose his thoughts and ideas into poems, allow his readers to compare and contrast; giving his readers a different spin to a situation, and taking words, as he puts them in motion.  For Apollo, reading is fundamental.  
What happens when your patience turns into frustration...from that frustration grows anger... unsettled anger…you begin to feel the rage...starting to feel your dreams have been caged…the goals you set for yourself…seem too far way to be obtained…all the things you told yourself…you try to obtain…telling yourself…you will try to find better ways…when all you want are results…but things are no longer in your hands…but things are no longer in your hands…the idea of starting over again…when you don’t have much to your name…liquor no longer affects your liver…the taste of beer is no longer bitter…you question if revenge would be a lil sweeter…am I wrong to allow these thoughts to linger…everyone around me is moving along…and life seems to continue…all you’re left with are views of the things you desire…as you stare out this window…quiets nights praying to God…telling yourself…all you have to do is…continue to push through…constantly rubbing these dimes and nickels…questioning yourself…what more can you do…encouraging words…no longer seem to seep through…knowing you’re only human…knowing the difference between right and wrong…but the lines get blurred…you feel they need to feel you…an eye for an eye…we’re losing our sight…due to your lack of awareness…you don’t know how you've changed my life…never been here before…forced to see things in the darkest of nights…standing alone under the moon…there were no stars…only the moonlight…a few dreams I’ve never dreamt…ensuring you…they’ve caused fright…moments left to decipher…exactly what they’ve meant…posed questions with no answers…left with thoughts like these. 

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Book Review: Baby I'm For Real by W Brigham

Baby I'm For RealBaby I'm For Real by W Brigham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great read

As always another great read from the author. It was full of twist and turns from beginning to end. I wasn't sure if Kane was going to get it together with all the trouble he caused. Even with his old flames popping up he was able to marry and the one that held his heart.

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Book Spotlight: From The Ashes- “A Phoenix Never Dies by Makala Taylor

From The Ashes- “A Phoenix Never Dies

I’ve been beaten
I’ve been abused
I’ve been molested
I’ve been told I would never be loved
Told I was too fat to have value
Told I’m too masculine looking
Too girlie to be aggressive
Too dominant to be submissive
Not a good friend
Not a good mate
Flirtatious…but why
I receive love…but why
I always get what I want…but why
Compliments left and right…but why
You want to know why?
Just like a phoenix…
Engulfed in flames
Crumbling…for the time being
Running into ashes under the pressure
Rising from the ashes…
You can behold the beauty…that is the phoenix
Behold the beauty…that is me
Though my past has made me emotionally and mentally unattractive
I’ve set a blaze
All negative moments that comes to mind
In hopes my positive attributes arise from the ashes
It will not only rejuvenate me…but allow others to see
For a rebirth to happen…you need to die to yourself
I have done this
Now…I can come forth rising from the ashes of my circumstances and past

Makala Taylor is an Authoress, born and raised in Louisiana. She was determined to fulfill her dreams of becoming a published Author; determined to show others, it's never too late to pursue your dream. Although it wasn’t easy, her perseverance and determination made that dream come true.  She is a mother to a beautiful daughter who she instilled “the go get it” mentality; teaching her, things in life isn’t given but earned, and the only way to earn it is to work hard for it. Nervous about her next move, she became a Radio Personality “Luscious Lips” for Fast Life on the Move; a platform, which has afforded her many opportunities, to interact with diverse individuals.   
In her book collection, you will find a magnitude of different genres of books. However, first on that list will always be Edgar Allen Poe. His way with words inspired me to write. Although he was considered dark and morbid, I think he was a writer who was misunderstood. Next on my list is Maya Angelou. Her ability to write about significant issues with the raw emotion, she inspired me to keep my poetry open, raw, and full of detail. Last on my list is Zane. She feeds my erotic imagination; always making it a point to give out story lines, that make you wish you were there. This is where she also got her determination, to write erotic short stories.

When Makala started writing poetry, it was the therapy she needed; considering, she wasn’t encouraged to express her emotions, but suppress it.  Once she started writing, she felt the weight of life immediately leave her body. No one should ever have to suppress their thoughts and emotions; in fear of it not being relatable, or accepted. Although she writes for herself, she feels like the voice of those who can’t, and won’t speak up; in fear of not being heard.
Makala loves to read because it keeps her mind sharp and alert.  She never quite understood what her teacher meant, when she would say “Reading is fundamental,” but as an adult she understands now. If she didn’t like to read, it would be a lot of missed opportunities and her poetry would be a jigsaw puzzle. For her, reading is for mental pleasure and enlightening her mind more than it already is.


Blog Tour/Giveaway of All That Glitters Ain’t Gold and Sitting Behind the Gates of Hell by Teresa Mason Browning

All That Glitters Ain’t Gold & Sitting Behind the Gates of Hell Blog Tour
Vaneka’s VIP Literary Services is pleased to announce the Dual Blog Tour of All That Glitters Ain’t Gold and Sitting Behind the Gates of Hell by Teresa Mason Browning.
Author Teresa Mason Browning
Genre African American Fiction, Urban Fiction
Publisher Self-Published
All That Glitters Ain’t Gold (Book 1)
At what point are you willing to risk it all to get ahead? Is your freedom worth the gamble?
For most of us in this world, there are times when certain occasions arise in our lives that we consider to be that golden opportunity that once in a lifetime moment that we’ve waited for our entire lives that fate will not allow us to pass by. Because of this fateful belief, Ronda, partially out of anger from her past relationships and a strong dose of ego, refused to see the red flags and spiritual warnings all around her, and is faced with the reality of her decision that will turn her life upside down. Very secure in her Christian beliefs but not wise enough for the street wizards who love to prey on the innocents, she walks through the door into the fast past world of scheme and deception, blindfolded.
Much like lady justice who has purposely chosen to be blind to justice in the courts, Ronda too was blind to the streets and the business world of investments, and took the chance to dream without doing any research to ensure her dream would become a positive reality for her and family. At the end of a failed marriage and lost in a lustful drive for pleasure Ronda’s naivety quickly spirals out of control.
Does she have what it takes to stand the test of time and will her new flaming love, H.D., be there when all the ugliness unfolds?
I dare you to turn the page to find out.
ISBN-10 1546500693
ISBN-13 978-1546500698
Print Length 124 Pages
Publication Date May 15, 2017
Purchase Links

Sitting Behind the Gates of Hell (Book 2)
How much thought have you put into the actions you’re about to take? Are you prepared to face the consequences of your decisions?
For Ronda, it no longer matters how much time she spent or if she’s prepared to face the reality of her decisions; the federal gates she must walk through are very real and what lies behind them has no compassion for what god you believe in. All alone with nothing left but her broken ego and the will to survive, Ronda’s nightmare behind the gates of hell begins.
Now at Alderson Federal Prison for women, the unimaginable has happened and what Ronda has yet to find out is just how raw prison life truly is. Yes, women prisoners can be just as fierce as men and in many cases even worse: Alderson will prove to be no exception as she will soon learn by example. As Ronda does her time she quickly learns how to maneuver and tries to settle in but will she be able to keep herself together or will she brake to the harsh reality of prison life and become another statistic lost in the system?
ISBN-10 1545488606
ISBN-13 978-1545488607
Publication Date May 15, 2017
Print Length 248 Pages

Purchase Links
Teresa Mason Browning
Teresa Mason Browning is a woman of true insight and a lively spirit. She is the author of six novels: Why I Kept My Past A Secret, Now That The Secrets Are Out, Living Free of the Secrets, A Black Man’s Pain and her dual new releases, All That Glitters Ain’t Gold, and Sitting Behind the Gates of Hell. She has traveled many places as a motivational speaker. Teresa was born in Lawton Oklahoma, but was raised in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. She now resides in South Carolina close to her children and grandchildren that helps keep her the jovial woman she is today.
Stalk Teresa
Facebook Fan Page @MizAuthorT
Twitter @MizAuthortInstagram @miz.authort
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Book Spotlight: The Reflections of Me by Tivona Elliott-Clark

Tivona Elliott-Clark, which many also know her as Lady V, is an author, poet, motivational speaker, author consultant, Event coordinator, travel agent, Co-Owner of Elliott Night Professionals, and CEO of Fast Life On the Move Radio Network.  Although she wears many hats, her goal is to empower, enrich, and encourage others to do great things.  Being diagnosed with Lupus in 2010, she was determined to not allow her sickness to stop her from doing what she loved to do.  Tivona published her first book “Livin’ the Fast Life” in 2010 and although she sold plenty of books, she was not satisfied.  Being ripped off by the publishing company, she was determined to make her presence known in the industry and not allow other authors to be taken advantage of.  In 2013 she republished her first book, and continued to grow in her craft.  Not stopping there, she went on to publish her poetry book “The Reflections of Me…Livin’ my life through poetry” where she took what she was going through and put them into poetry.  Between editing, and helping others produce their masterpieces she found a way to add another masterpiece to her list “The Un-Marritable”.  No matter what she goes through, she is determined to keep fighting and holding on to her faith.  She will never stop, and will continue to empower, enrich, and encourage others to keep, as well.

Whenever Tivona has the opportunity to read, she loves to read Danielle Steele, Maya Angelou, Terry McMillan, Zane, and James Patterson; just to name a few.  However, she has some of her favorite Indie Writers as well.  Although she loves to read, she loves to write even more.  At the age of ten, she found out how therapeutic writing could be.  Now it’s hard for her to put her pen down, and stop her mind from coming up with great stories that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat, but also give them hope.

My Life- “ The Reflections of Me…Livin’ my life through poetry”
When you look into my life what do you see?
Eyes full of mystery
A life of luxury
I hate to disappoint you...
My life I can hardly bare
What you think you not there
I'm just being me
Smiling through the pain
Loving through the hurt
My life isn't what you think
I'm just being tough
Skin so thick... you can't cut it with a knife
Mind so sharp... like a thief in the night
My life is like glass... you can see straight through it
And you wonder how I do it
Giving all grace to God
I will continue the path I'm on
Living right... standing tall... and putting up with it all
If God meant for me to break
He wouldn't have built me this way
My life is not grand... but here is where I stand
Pushing through each day
Pushing through the pain
Trying to figure out how to live a better way
Striving to live life abundantly, as God said we could
Striving down this path of life
Keeping my head held high
My life isn't all glitter and gold
It's what I'm living for
I'm determined to live a better way
Life is too short, to worry about the next
When you can live your life like the best
Don't worry about how I live my life
I can only live life for me
For I only have one life to live

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Support Indie Author: LaToya Murchison

Shop Indie Bookstores

Support you favorite Indie Author by purchasing a copy of my books from your local bookstore. By click on the banner above, it will take you to my direct page on  Indie Bound A community of Local Bookstores. I have listed the steps below to find a store close to you.

  1. Click locate and independent bookstore
  2. Enter your zip code and hit search
  3. Note: You will be given a list of stores within 10-400 miles and a total of 10-50 stores depending on the option you choose. 

Below is a list of my books and information about each,

Depression, healing, and forgiveness played a huge role in Anika Sims life. At first glance, you would think Anika has her life together. She is the CEO of Regal Publishing LLC. She has five New York Best Sellers and is the youth minister at her church. However, behind the smile that she always carries is a woman filled with pain and moments of depression. Anika's Story: will show you the importance of making peace with your past and forgiving those that have hurt you.

Prayer is an open line of communication between you and God. Prayer is your chance to humble yourself before him and speak freely from your heart. A Praying Heart will take you on a journey where you will learn what God says about prayer as well as strengthen your prayer life.

Poetic Expressions is a book of poetry that contain words of love, hope, and inspiration. Author LaToya Murchison used her love of writing poetry as her source of therapy and healing. She takes you on a journey of renewed spirituality, the pain of lost love ones and the joy of finding true love.

Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

LaToya Murchison is a Woman After God’s Own Heart. LaToya was born and raised in Southern Pines, NC and started writing poetry as a junior in high school.  LaToya found that writing allowed her to be creative and eventually discovered her interest in becoming a published author.  After graduating from high school and uncertain of her career path, she attended and received an Associate Degree in Office Systems Technology from Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, N.C.

LaToya is passionate about encouraging, helping, and building up others. She gave her life over to Christ 8 years ago and is the best decision she ever made. At the age of 18 doctors told her that she would not live to see the age of 25. On August 2, 2016 she turned 38 years old and she continues to give God all the thanks daily because she knows that if it had not been for the plan and the favor that he had set for her life before she was born she would not be here today. LaToya loves to spread the word of God everywhere she goes.

In LaToya created a Facebook Group named D.O.V.E Daughters of Virtue with a mission to unite women who strive to encourage and empower other women and members of their community. She created dove to promote unconditional love, peace unity and the importance of understanding and respecting women’s individual’s rights to choose a spiritual path.

LaToya serves as Media Director, Vacation Bible School Director, YPCL Director and Children’s Ministry Assistant at Love Grove Free Will Baptist Church. 

LaToya published three books entitled Anika's Story, Poetic Expressions, and A Praying Heart: Learning How To Pray Your Way Through.

As a virtual assistant, she has assisted countless authors with developing their online presence. Services include graphic design, social media management, interviews, and e-book fairs.

When LaToya isn’t working for a client or doing something literary, she enjoys spending time with family and working with the youth in her church. 

Author Website:

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Book Review: Step-by-Step Author Website Guide by Tyora Moody

Step-by-Step Author Website Guide (The Literary Entrepreneur Series Book 2)Step-by-Step Author Website Guide by Tyora Moody
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A short read but is packed with valuable information for every author new and seasoned. I loved that it was broken down into small chapters that had various actions for you to complete to help reinforce what you learned. Through reading this book I was able to go back review my website and make changes to it. This is definitely a book that I will keep on hand as a reference.
LaToya Murchison Author of Anika's Story (Novelette)

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Every Place by Philonda Johnson, Virtual Book Tour

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Every Place by Philonda Johnson, Virtual Book Tour May 15-26, 2017.
Genre: Christian, Business
Book Release: March 31, 2017

Philonda Johnson is the dynamic combination of successful entrepreneur and engaging speaker with valuable insight to share. Her mission is to help others fight for their MasterPurpose by empowering them to realize their Divine value and need for faith-fueled courage. She is the Founder and CEO of The Leadership Playground, a development company that focuses on kick-starting the growth of a leader by focusing on the power of play, creativity and wholehearted living. She often draws from her background in Psychology and a decade of experience as an urban educator to inspire her coaching and leadership work. Philonda’s employment expertise is derived from serving 9 years as the Founding Principal of a successful charter school in Washington, DC. Philonda has a deep heart for and is dedicated to advancing women of color leaders, spirit-led entrepreneurs, and school administrators. Philonda hosts her own motivational online radio show and podcast, The Audacity to Shine with Coach Philonda, and Every Place on her newly launched Network, the Brave Entrepreneur Radio Network. She is excited for the release her first major book, Every Place: When our intimacy with God transforms how we experience fear and launch our MasterPurpose Business. Philonda’s book will be released March 31st, 2017. She incorporates her professional expertise, personal trials and life triumphs into every presentation and conversation to have a transformational impact. She can connect with and inspire her audience. Philonda can weave her training goals into a beautiful story that makes key concepts sticky and actionable. Her energetic and audacious approach is refreshing, honest and leaves the audience ready to achieve their goals. Her mission is to help others fight for their MasterPurpose by empowering them to realize their Divine value and need for faith-fueled courage.
Every Place isn’t your typical book about entrepreneurship. It is Philonda’s beautiful and intimate testimony of how she overcame fear, developed a deeper relationship with God, uncovered her Master Purpose and transformed as a leader in her business. Every Place provides an exciting roadmap for Christian entrepreneurs who desire to design, build and launch their business God’s Way. Using the Biblical character Joshua’s legacy as a leader, readers will learn the essential tools and strategies required to experience breakthroughs and success in your Christ-centered business. Philonda pushes Christian entrepreneurs to be audacious and to S.L.A.Y. in their business: Seek God, Love God, Act for God and Yield Fruit for God. This book was written in honor of every brave entrepreneur that has struggled to find their Divine purpose and launch a business in alignment with their dreams. This book was written for you.
You made it---you finally made it! You are the guest of honor at the fabulous bash thrown to celebrate the audacious decision you’ve made to pursue a life of abundance, power and liberty. When it comes to getting what you want out of life, the single most important thing to know is that God has already blessed your path. Joshua 1:3 says, “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses.” (NLT) Now, with the realization of this beautiful promise, all you must do is choose. Choose to construct a masterpiece life built on a deep understanding of the God you serve and your Divine purpose. I love to call this your MasterPurpose. Clarity about your MasterPurpose will impact how you will show up in the world and leave your mark as an Entrepreneur. 

When you decide to step out of your own way and into beautiful alignment with your MasterPurpose, all things are possible. This is a brave c hoice and not for the scared, timid or weak leader. It is a declaration to the world that you believe your life, purpose, message and talents are worth fighting for. To reach our fullest potential, we must train ourselves to have an audacious mindset, which frames how we perceive and respond to situations especially adversity. An audacious mindset is the defining factor between experiencing a life of abundance or scarcity. Remaining connected to your MasterPurpose requires a shift in your thinking and actions. It requires a deep and intimate relationship with God.

I yearn to be close and in the presence of God. The battle wounds and scars of life have taught me one important lesson. As I have matured as a believer, I have learned that I am nothing without an intimate relationship with my creator. For in his presence, all things are made new. More specifically, in his presence all believers have access to God’s peace, love, mercy and wisdom. Our close relationship with God activates our MasterPurpose, the Divine plan for our life. He shows us the desires of His heart for us and is the source of our own ambition. He inspires us to dream big and desire radical success in every area and level of our lives. Your MasterPurpose could be a ministry, an entrepreneurial venture, a book, a family or even a school. Your MasterPurpose births your entrepreneurial venture. It could be a book, a clothing company, a law practice or even a school. It is the idea you believe God has commissioned you to lead to benefit His people. We all have been called to be leaders of faith entrusted with an assignment to fulfill while here on Earth.


Author Website

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