Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Book Spotlight: Teresa B Howell

Blood rushed through my veins as a brand new surge of energy formulated, giving me a small drop of strength. A few steps forward and a few steps back. Maybe a few steps away from the officers would stop the constant review of blood dripping down my legs. Head hurts . I’ve got to get it together before they take me away. Tingling sensations manifested quickly down my arms as if the Spirit had hit me. God are you there? I know that’s you God. Answer me!
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Author Bio

I am currently living in NC with my two son’s and husband.  I am an education Director and I write in my spare time. I grew up in inner city Boston and raised in the church.  My experiences in church led me to write. I want to continue down this pathway.

I love to read different genres.  All I want is a good paperback book that keeps me entertained. That is also my goal when I write.  To keep people engaged and wanting more. My favorite authors are Octavia Butler, John Gresham, and Kimberla Lawson Roby,

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