Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Book Spotlight: Emotions of the Tazz-Manian Devil by Tazz

Lisa D. Williams a.k.a Tazz was born February 17 in East Meadow NY. Raised in Roosevelt Long Island NY she is the youngest of 4 kids. Writing in my early teens as a hobby, life threw her a curb ball and she stopped writing for 14 years. Finding her passion again for writing, she started back writing again in August 2016. Being able to put her feelings on paper and a special someone seeing something in her; she chose to pursue her hand in writing. Continuing to write, her goal is to progress in her writing. Where she plans to go from here, is to continue to write and let her inner me be heard. Whenever she feels down and out and ready to give up, she remembers Philippians 4:19; I can do all things, through Christ which strengthens me. Determined to be someone great, she continues to press until she reaches her highest peak. She presents to you: Emotions of the Tazz-Manian Devil.
Tazz loves to read Elan Harris, Maya Angelou, and Terry woods; just to name a few.  These authors continue to inspire her to express her inner emotions.  She loves to read for relaxation.  Growing up, all she could think about was being a writer, so she could one day inspire others with her word play.  Although writing allows her to relieve her emotions, she will not stop encouraging others to step outside their comfort zone.

I’m So Addicted To You
I’m so addicted to you
These feelings…I’ve never been through
I’ve never touched…seen…felt…made love…or even kissed you
Your mental conversation…has me addicted
The way you make me feel inside…it’s a feeling…I can’t hide
Your love captivates me…has me on cloud 9
Asking me over and over again…why I can’t let you go…can’t we just be friends
To be honest…without you in my life…it’s like having no air to breathe…I would rather die
I’m not talking about a physical death…but the death of my heart
Every time I hear you name or think of you…it still beats the same
I know God will give you everything you pray for
It’s just so hard to prove to you…God made no mistakes…when he created you
Creating you just for me…with no regrets
So you ask…is what I feel for you real
Yes…it is
He has opened my eyes to see…what is for me…won’t come easily
And that’s why I will continue to show you day by day…I’m yours…and I’m here to stay
These are the many reasons…I’m so addicted to you

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