Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book Spotlight: From The Ashes- “A Phoenix Never Dies by Makala Taylor

From The Ashes- “A Phoenix Never Dies

I’ve been beaten
I’ve been abused
I’ve been molested
I’ve been told I would never be loved
Told I was too fat to have value
Told I’m too masculine looking
Too girlie to be aggressive
Too dominant to be submissive
Not a good friend
Not a good mate
Flirtatious…but why
I receive love…but why
I always get what I want…but why
Compliments left and right…but why
You want to know why?
Just like a phoenix…
Engulfed in flames
Crumbling…for the time being
Running into ashes under the pressure
Rising from the ashes…
You can behold the beauty…that is the phoenix
Behold the beauty…that is me
Though my past has made me emotionally and mentally unattractive
I’ve set a blaze
All negative moments that comes to mind
In hopes my positive attributes arise from the ashes
It will not only rejuvenate me…but allow others to see
For a rebirth to happen…you need to die to yourself
I have done this
Now…I can come forth rising from the ashes of my circumstances and past

Makala Taylor is an Authoress, born and raised in Louisiana. She was determined to fulfill her dreams of becoming a published Author; determined to show others, it's never too late to pursue your dream. Although it wasn’t easy, her perseverance and determination made that dream come true.  She is a mother to a beautiful daughter who she instilled “the go get it” mentality; teaching her, things in life isn’t given but earned, and the only way to earn it is to work hard for it. Nervous about her next move, she became a Radio Personality “Luscious Lips” for Fast Life on the Move; a platform, which has afforded her many opportunities, to interact with diverse individuals.   
In her book collection, you will find a magnitude of different genres of books. However, first on that list will always be Edgar Allen Poe. His way with words inspired me to write. Although he was considered dark and morbid, I think he was a writer who was misunderstood. Next on my list is Maya Angelou. Her ability to write about significant issues with the raw emotion, she inspired me to keep my poetry open, raw, and full of detail. Last on my list is Zane. She feeds my erotic imagination; always making it a point to give out story lines, that make you wish you were there. This is where she also got her determination, to write erotic short stories.

When Makala started writing poetry, it was the therapy she needed; considering, she wasn’t encouraged to express her emotions, but suppress it.  Once she started writing, she felt the weight of life immediately leave her body. No one should ever have to suppress their thoughts and emotions; in fear of it not being relatable, or accepted. Although she writes for herself, she feels like the voice of those who can’t, and won’t speak up; in fear of not being heard.
Makala loves to read because it keeps her mind sharp and alert.  She never quite understood what her teacher meant, when she would say “Reading is fundamental,” but as an adult she understands now. If she didn’t like to read, it would be a lot of missed opportunities and her poetry would be a jigsaw puzzle. For her, reading is for mental pleasure and enlightening her mind more than it already is.


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