Monday, June 12, 2017

Book Spotlight: The Reflections of Me by Tivona Elliott-Clark

Tivona Elliott-Clark, which many also know her as Lady V, is an author, poet, motivational speaker, author consultant, Event coordinator, travel agent, Co-Owner of Elliott Night Professionals, and CEO of Fast Life On the Move Radio Network.  Although she wears many hats, her goal is to empower, enrich, and encourage others to do great things.  Being diagnosed with Lupus in 2010, she was determined to not allow her sickness to stop her from doing what she loved to do.  Tivona published her first book “Livin’ the Fast Life” in 2010 and although she sold plenty of books, she was not satisfied.  Being ripped off by the publishing company, she was determined to make her presence known in the industry and not allow other authors to be taken advantage of.  In 2013 she republished her first book, and continued to grow in her craft.  Not stopping there, she went on to publish her poetry book “The Reflections of Me…Livin’ my life through poetry” where she took what she was going through and put them into poetry.  Between editing, and helping others produce their masterpieces she found a way to add another masterpiece to her list “The Un-Marritable”.  No matter what she goes through, she is determined to keep fighting and holding on to her faith.  She will never stop, and will continue to empower, enrich, and encourage others to keep, as well.

Whenever Tivona has the opportunity to read, she loves to read Danielle Steele, Maya Angelou, Terry McMillan, Zane, and James Patterson; just to name a few.  However, she has some of her favorite Indie Writers as well.  Although she loves to read, she loves to write even more.  At the age of ten, she found out how therapeutic writing could be.  Now it’s hard for her to put her pen down, and stop her mind from coming up with great stories that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat, but also give them hope.

My Life- “ The Reflections of Me…Livin’ my life through poetry”
When you look into my life what do you see?
Eyes full of mystery
A life of luxury
I hate to disappoint you...
My life I can hardly bare
What you think you not there
I'm just being me
Smiling through the pain
Loving through the hurt
My life isn't what you think
I'm just being tough
Skin so thick... you can't cut it with a knife
Mind so sharp... like a thief in the night
My life is like glass... you can see straight through it
And you wonder how I do it
Giving all grace to God
I will continue the path I'm on
Living right... standing tall... and putting up with it all
If God meant for me to break
He wouldn't have built me this way
My life is not grand... but here is where I stand
Pushing through each day
Pushing through the pain
Trying to figure out how to live a better way
Striving to live life abundantly, as God said we could
Striving down this path of life
Keeping my head held high
My life isn't all glitter and gold
It's what I'm living for
I'm determined to live a better way
Life is too short, to worry about the next
When you can live your life like the best
Don't worry about how I live my life
I can only live life for me
For I only have one life to live

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